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How Many Dead Kittens…..

27 Sep

…did it take to produce this lump of shit? Madonna Mia. I see the Erebuni school of styling is alive and well, and has apparantly invaded Greece where this behemoth resides. This lovely piece of aerodynamic prowess was shown to me by Gio – who obviously doesn’t share the owners tastes, given his tasty G35 (click) . We have tons of customers in Greece, and I know you guys are car nuts. Time to step up your game – this isn’t cutting it 😉


Shadow Sports Z33 Up For Grabs

27 Sep

Deleted the pics because I’m a tool that didn’t realize Kwame posted this car over the summer. But, here are the mods on it for those interested:

Tomei cams
NISMO S1 heads
HKS Pistons
Upgraded oil pump
ARC oil pan
4.08 final drive
NISMO Clutch/flywheel
Upgraded motor/transmission mounts
Shadow Sports/Project Mu Brakes
Shadow Sports/Bride Vorga Sports Seat
and of course, the awesome Shadow Sports Aero Kit

350Z Race Car for Sale

27 Sep

Rich (the car’s owner) has been extremely helpful to me in recent weeks (your beer is coming!), so if you or someone you know is looking at getting yourself into a fully prepped turnkey Z33 track car, this is your chance.

For sale: Nissan 350Z built to current Grand Am Koni Challenge GS specifications
TIG welded full roll cage, stripped, seam welded and car prep done by Impact Engineering
3.5 liter V6 race motor, Tilton flywheel and clutch
Custom long tube header, and titanium/stainless steel exhaust Coast Fabrication mufflers
Bosch MS 4.3 ECU and Grand Am approved wiring harness
Bosch C4 data acquisition
Chassis harness has connectors for 3 way accelerometer, YAW sensor, shock potentiometers, steering angle
Deutsch Autosport connectors throughout the vehicle
AIM lap trigger
Bosch DDU4 fully customizable display.
Removable steering wheel has controls for 6 driver selectable pages, display brightness control, radio button, pit speed limiter and fuel reset.
Carbon/Kevlar NISMO V3 body kit as approved by Grand Am
Carbon fiber headlight replacements (headlights available for night races)
Functioning wiper and highbeams
Dual dry break fuel tank with rollover and discriminator valves
Carbon driveshaft
Primary and secondary fuel pumps, car can run down to ½ gallon before starvation
StopTech front brake calipers and rotors. Brembo rear calipers.
3” brake ducts to front rotors
Tevis stand alone ABS system, with brake bias bar
3” thick C&R large capacity radiator with built in engine oil heat exchanger
Koni double adjustable shocks
350evo sway bars
350evo front upper A-Arms, camber adjustable
Cobra seat and 6 point harnesses
Custom ultra-low seat mount on slider for taller drivers
Switches are all Otto aircraft switches, circuit breakers are Klixon
Wired for Grand Am Delphi transponder
Hard wired for Motorola Radio
AMB transponder with driver ID, hardwired
Electrical fire extinguisher
Jongbloed wheels with Hoosier tires
APR wheel studs
Driver accessible electrical cut off
Iso-Torque rear differential with cooling radiator and fan
Gold heat shield in engine bay and transmission tunnel to reduce cabin temperature
NISMO power steering cooler
All support software: Bosch MODAS Team Software, ABS Diagnostics/brake bleeding, DDU4 customization software,
All wiring diagrams included. All relays and fuses are labeled for clear understanding of function.

This car is track ready. Just a corner weight and ride height adjustment is all that’s needed.

Weighs 2900 lbs.

Never crashed. Never wrecked. Paint is in showroom condition. Spares available as well.

Serious inquires only. Please contact

Adam’s Project Z33: Bringing up the Rear Part II

27 Sep

Got some new updates on my bastardized rear that we’ve discussed here last month.

The goals were simple – the execution, has proven anything but! Today I’ll show off some pics of the more of the guts that are needed to make this 4.3 ring and pinion work.

First, notice the picture of the Quaife LSD all dismantled Quaife Helical LSD

Quaife LSD for 350Z Exposed

Quaife LSD for 350Z Exposed

The Quaife is a helical differential, which means it transmits power via a series of intermeshing gears.

This diff has never been used, but we wanted to make sure it was absolutely perfect. It has been sitting around though for a few months, unsealed, so we wanted to make sure it was free of any oxidation, etc. It’s been fully taken apart, cleaned, and prepped and is now ready to go back in.

Last time, we showed how the custom sleeves were done to allow the correct pinion bearings. The next hurdle to tackle was the actual pinion flange. The problem with the 4.3 final drive I got is the pinion diameter is smaller than the factory 350Z units – the length is correct, but the difference in diameter is why we had to sleeve the shaft in the first place. In order for the rear to work, it has to somehow bolt to the driveshaft. This is what the flange’s job is – it joins the driveshaft and pinion together so all that power can effectively turn the pinion, which turns the ring, which is bolted to the differential, and then output to the rear axles/wheels. What we ended up having made was a bit of a hybrid. It uses the splined carrier for the 4.3 ring gear, mated to a custom machined flange that matches the correct outer diameter of the original 350Z pinion flange.

Custom Machined Flange for 4.3 ring and pinion into 350Z

Custom Machined Flange for 4.3 ring and pinion into 350Z

Stock on the right, new flange on the right. This will allow everything to work together in harmony, and bolt up without us having to modify the driveshaft in any way. Next thing to do is get it on the drill press and put the holes in to allow it to mate to the driveshaft, and then high speed balance it to make sure it is 100% true, so there are no unwanted vibrations.

Last things to do are press on the new bearings to the differential, and then microfinish and cryo the ring and pinion. More updates coming soon!


27 Sep

Audi pulling out all the stops and getting down in the mud against it’s more expensive rivals. This isn’t brand new, but I just saw it for the first time while watching the F1 Singapore race. I love Ferrari, but a good commercial is just a good commercial. Cat fight between redheads !