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Sweet G

9 Sep

Sorry these pics are so small, it’s all I got.

Pics of Tommy Kaira’s new Aero for the G37. I’m loving the front, not so sure on the tips coming through the bumper, but the rear spoiler is really nice. If you’re looking to have the super rare on your G, this is it!

Superleggera on Volk G2s

9 Sep

I saw this picture yesterday and I’m sure it has spread like wildfire in the same fashion that a Meagan Good nipple-slip would. In any case I love it and still decided to post it.

Props to SP Engineering…



All good things must come to an end…

9 Sep


So Marty is currently parting out his G35 show car (still keeping the car, just toning it down) and I thought it deserved some love on the blog.

This is defintely one of my favorite G35s period. This car has so much done to it but its still really really clean (peep the R35 GT-R door handles).

Let’s have a moment of silence…

A day in the life of being a vendor…

8 Sep

So you think being a import performance parts vendor is fun right? Well it can be at times. However, when you get IMs like this several times a day it can take a toll on the well being of even the most sane of men…

Prospective Customer (12:17:18 PM): hey u there?
Z1 Auto
(12:17:41 PM): yes?
Prospective Customer (12:18:09 PM): hey what’s up I talked to u a while back, was wondering if u use oem motor mounts
Z1 Auto
(12:18:27 PM): huh?
Prospective Customer (12:18:52 PM): motor mounts for your 350x
Prospective Customer (12:18:58 PM): 350z
Z1 Auto
(12:19:40 PM): for what 350z?
Z1 Auto
(12:19:43 PM): we have several
Prospective Customer (12:20:02 PM): I’m asking you, if you use them in your car
Z1 Auto
(12:20:29 PM): we have more than 1 Z here…some we use oem some we dont
Prospective Customer (12:21:09 PM): u have the 320 whp all motor 350z correct?
Z1 Auto
(12:21:20 PM): me personally, no
Z1 Auto
(12:21:41 PM): but yes that car has oem mounts
Prospective Customer (12:22:15 PM): oh.. I was interested in motor mounts solid motors for my g35 coupe
Prospective Customer (12:22:44 PM): do they make a noticeable difference
Z1 Auto
(12:23:09 PM):
Z1 Auto
(12:23:12 PM): we have them in stock
Prospective Customer (12:24:43 PM): is it hard to install?
Z1 Auto
(12:25:13 PM): disconnect stock mounts, lift engine with hoist, and reinstall
Prospective Customer (12:25:45 PM): u gotta lift the engine..?
Z1 Auto
(12:25:58 PM): of course
Prospective Customer (12:26:16 PM): holy crap haha
Z1 Auto
(12:26:32 PM): how else would you get to the stock mount?
Prospective Customer (12:26:58 PM): I thought they in reach
Z1 Auto
(12:27:16 PM): they are
Z1 Auto
(12:27:25 PM): but the mount attaches the engine to the car
Z1 Auto
(12:27:42 PM): you obviously need to lift the engine up to be able to remove the mount and reinstall the new one
Z1 Auto
(12:27:54 PM): its not hard to do at all
Prospective Customer (12:28:24 PM): I don’t gotta discount hoses or anything? how much do u tthil a shop will charge
Z1 Auto
(12:28:38 PM): you would have to ask the shop
Prospective Customer (12:29:58 PM): so I don’t have to discount hoses?

I’ll finish this off by saying….. WHAT?

Your only reaction is to laugh at the humor of the situation. 🙂

Fidanza VQ35/37HR Flywheel

8 Sep


Fidanza has released a Nissan VQ35/37HR motor aluminum flywheel. This unit weighs 15 pounds and fits the 07-08 350z, 09+ 370z, 2007 G35 Sedan, and the 08+ G37. These will be available in the next 3-4 weeks.
Application: 07-08 Nissan 350z 3.5L, 2009+ Nissan 370z 3.7L, 2007 Infinity G35 Sedan 3.5L, 2008+ Infinity G37 Coupe, Sedan, Roadster 3.7L (HR Motor Only)
Product: Aluminum Flywheel
Weight: 15 lbs
Part #: 143371

Available September 16th, 2009

New Titanium Brake Shims!!!

8 Sep


We just had the first batch of titanium shims done and they are ready to go. It’s a relatively cheap piece of added insurance for those track guys out there who have been running into the issue of cooking their brakes.

The current applications available are for the Subaru STi, Subaru 4-pot calipers, Mitusbishi EVO, Hyundai  Genesis Coupe (track edition),  and the Nissan 350Z. Additional applications for aftermarket calipers such as the Stoptech ST-40, Stoptech ST-60 and Endless calipers are under development and will be released soon.

MSRP is $100 but we are working out package deals with fluid, pads and/or lines. Let us know if you are interested in a set and for combo pricing!


6 Sep

It’s wild, the colors are vibrant and very ‘look at me’. It’s so not me – but screw all that, this car just speaks to me!

It’s the automotive equivalent of the Oreo – it’s just perfect in every way.

MSpeed is where fast cars go to get faster. They are well known among those of us who’s idea of a great day is a stack full of Option, Carboy, Revpseed and a fresh box of Pocky sticks. This car is hard – plain and simple. Built for a purpose (and it does just that – lapping Tsukuba in 54:48. The level of detail is stunning. Anyone know if this is still the R34 record holder for Tsukuba?

Been Slow

5 Sep

I know, we’ve totally slacked this week. I’ve been working my tail off between the shop and the Z, and Kwame is back in NY now, and back in class. Jonathan….hell he never posts and Shaun posts less than Jonathan 🙂

I need to have an “editors meeting” and get these guys back up to speed.

New content coming tomorrow, I promise – I’ve got some cool stuff I want to show.

Hopefully you guys are all off this weekend and can relax. Fall is almost here, and its the best driving season in my opinion. Have a safe and relaxing holiday weekend!

It’s Alive!

5 Sep

Guess which one belongs with toilet paper?  OEM gasket was my savior last weekend.  The Hondata one turned out to be poo

Guess which one belongs with toilet paper? OEM gasket was my savior last weekend. The Hondata one turned out to be poo

After sitting dormant since December 2008, I finally was able to use the Z again last weekend! After abandoning the ITB project earlier this summer, it really got to me that I hadn’t used the car in so long, so we set to task on getting it all back up and running. The plan was to wrap up the install of the new Cosworth intake manifold/throttle body, etc and then tune her last weekend. In the military they have some saying about planning to fail and failing to plan….we fought with the car all last Saturday but it finally turned out ok.

The plan was to have my buddy Mike from Innovative Tuning come down, tune the car on the road for a bit, and then we would put it on the dyno and see how things turned out. From fighting the alternator, the crappy Hondata intake manifold gasket, to several less than happy coilpacks, the car never made it on the dyno. But, we did get some street tuning in and I even got to drive it around during the week. The weather is supposed to be awesome here for the long weekend, and I’m really looking forward to some seat time.

Dyno will have to wait a few weeks till I can find a good weekend to trek up to Buffalo to Mike’s place. The car feels healthy, revs nicely, and has good pickup despite running stupidly rich (I have to recalibrate the wideband).