Costa Rican Cool!

17 Oct

I’ve said before that I love the fact that we get to deal with people from all over the world. This awesome Z comes from a good customer and friend down in Costa Rica. Not exactly the first place you would think you would find an amazingly done Z, but sometimes you find cool things in unlikely places!

Carlos has been a customer for several years now. It all began with a simple set of tires, and since that time has evolved into all sorts of stuff from Ings, NISMO, Cusco, Haltech and more! He’s even got my old ported intake manifold setup from my 350Z. Stay tuned here as Carlos’ car is about to undergo some boosted improvement soon!

2 Responses to “Costa Rican Cool!”

  1. Charlanga October 22, 2009 at 9:43 AM #

    Wow, I wasn’t expenting to find Carlos’s car here!!
    Really nice Z, looks even better life than pictures!

    Congrats Charlie

  2. Brian October 25, 2009 at 12:28 AM #

    Hello Everybody!

    All I have to say is that Carlos’ Z is a Beaty! I don’t get tired of take a look at it everyday cause he works basically next to me! That’s a very good example of the combination between Look and Performance. Those are kinda old pictures, now he has Big Brakes Kit, bigger than those Brembo calipers! And don’t you think that because this is a small country you’re not gonna find things like this Hehe! There are awesome personal projects in here. Pura vida!

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