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New Product: Urethane Transmission Mount 370Z/G37

24 Oct

We recently began work on designing a new, urethane transmission mount for the 370Z/G37.

The stock mount uses a soft rubber that is liquid filled. While it’s up and down durometer rating (stiffness) is sufficient, there is alot of play side to side. This promotes that rubbery, almost vague feeling things have gear to gear. The solution for us will be a direct replacement, bolt in, urethane transmission mount that has consistent stiffness for both lateral and medial movement. You will not need to press anything or modify anything in any way. The upper portion of the mount will be cnc’d aluminum, just like the OEM unit, and the urethane section will come preinstalled so it’s ready to put into the car. It will include all the required hardware as well as detailed instructions. This will benefit both the casual street driver and the more aggressive track driver equally with noticeably quicker shifts without all the slop.

We will be able to offer this in 2 stiffness level, comfort, and race. These are fully developed, designed and produced in the USA. MSRP is expected to be approximately $150.00 for the comfort version and $185.00 for the race version. This is the anticipated retail price, but final street price will be determined by dealers who wish to carry the product.

The above is preliminary and final design may change a bit. I expect to have the samples back here in about a week, so we can do some testing and then ramp up to production.

Thanks for looking!