15 Nov

I love rare stuff. In the Z world, it doesn’t get much rarer than the S Tune GT. These were a limited run that Nissan made back in 2004-2005. Only 20 or so were made per month for the one calendar year. It basically included all of the NISMO factory pieces, and sold for the equivalent of around $70,000 in Japan.

Interior wise, there Alcantera appointed sport seats, NISMO gauge cluster, NISMO door sills and mats. Most of these parts you could buy from NISMO as accessories, and are still offered today.

Outside, the car featured a bespoke front and rear bumper, made of FRP. Side skirts were the normal NISMO fare. This front bumper is still my favorite of any ever made for the car. The rear spoiler is the now-famous (in the Z world) V2, which had an adjustable carbon blade and unique badging. IT also featured these funky vents on the side, just in front of the rear wheels. They were available in the standard Z colors, though I’ve only ever come across pictures of silver and white and the one NISMO pace car.

The heart and soul of the car came from NISMO S1’s engine package, which featured NISMO S1 cams + VTC pullies, 3 inch intake with integrated MAF housing and carbon air duct, oil cooler, lightweight flywheel and heavy duty clutch with stainless clutch line. All tuned via a NISMO S1 spec ecu. Horsepower increased from 276 to 296 and the rev limiter increased to 7200 rpm.

Footwork wise, a NISMO spring/shock kit with NISMO sways, Brembo 355mm brake kit with NISMO stainless lines, 19×8.5 +25 and 19×9.5 +30 Rays/NISMO Forged LMGT4 wheels with 245/35 and 275/35 Potenza S03’s.


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