Garage Cleanup – Fujitsubo Exhaust for 350Z for Sale

19 Nov

Up for grabs is a stainless Fujitsubo Legalis R exhaust for the 350Z. This is one of the nicest exhausts ever produced for these cars. Full stainless steel with artfully done TIG welds throughout. The sound is deeper than NISMO, but more subdued. If you are after a mature sounding exhaust that doesn’t scream “rice-tastic” then this is for you! I used to have this on my own car, and absolutely loved it. This bolts up to your stock, or aftermarket Y pipe, and fits 2003-2008 cars (non NISMO).

The exhaust is very clean, tips are straight and it’s ready for install. They do have some scrapes on the bottom side of each tip and the underside of the canister from normal use, and there is a ding on the back underside of the muffler (completely not visible when installed).


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