More JDM-Ness

25 Nov

Seriously, does it ever end with these cars? Just when we say we’re done, we find some other neat accessory that we just gotta have. Anyway, Kwame had pointed this out to me a few months back. He tried ordering it online from some random online store because he didn’t want to bug me about something small and stupid. He ended up having to chase them down for a refund when they failed to deliver.

JDM Cargo/Luggage Net

Anyway, we just got a couple of these in, and it’s different than the US Spec one, which lays flat on the floor of the trunk (making it good for like random water bottles or cd’s but nothing with any size). This is great for making sure bags don’t go flying when you’re carving through the twisties (going to come in very handy at ZDayz!)

Anyway, if anyone is interested in one, let me know. Takes a few weeks to get.


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