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15 Nov

I love rare stuff. In the Z world, it doesn’t get much rarer than the S Tune GT. These were a limited run that Nissan made back in 2004-2005. Only 20 or so were made per month for the one calendar year. It basically included all of the NISMO factory pieces, and sold for the equivalent of around $70,000 in Japan.

Interior wise, there Alcantera appointed sport seats, NISMO gauge cluster, NISMO door sills and mats. Most of these parts you could buy from NISMO as accessories, and are still offered today.

Outside, the car featured a bespoke front and rear bumper, made of FRP. Side skirts were the normal NISMO fare. This front bumper is still my favorite of any ever made for the car. The rear spoiler is the now-famous (in the Z world) V2, which had an adjustable carbon blade and unique badging. IT also featured these funky vents on the side, just in front of the rear wheels. They were available in the standard Z colors, though I’ve only ever come across pictures of silver and white and the one NISMO pace car.

The heart and soul of the car came from NISMO S1’s engine package, which featured NISMO S1 cams + VTC pullies, 3 inch intake with integrated MAF housing and carbon air duct, oil cooler, lightweight flywheel and heavy duty clutch with stainless clutch line. All tuned via a NISMO S1 spec ecu. Horsepower increased from 276 to 296 and the rev limiter increased to 7200 rpm.

Footwork wise, a NISMO spring/shock kit with NISMO sways, Brembo 355mm brake kit with NISMO stainless lines, 19×8.5 +25 and 19×9.5 +30 Rays/NISMO Forged LMGT4 wheels with 245/35 and 275/35 Potenza S03’s.

From Hell Part II – Purgatory?

14 Nov

Got some more done today …. and going in the right direction

Finished sanding everything and primed it. Got a couple small pinholes to fill in on Monday and then she’s ready for color. Hopefully the weather cooperates and it’s dry out in the next few days. Hopefully all goes smoothly with the paint and clear, and it can resurrect itself into heaven status!

From Hell

12 Nov

This hood project is getting really tiresome – I seriously hope it is done soon. I’ve had this thing for over 2 years now, and I think it’s been on my car collectively for like a week! Such is the price for perfection

I loved the center vents on it but I could not stand the side vents. So, I cut them out and shaved/filled them in. Problem is, this hood was never designed to be a show winning piece. It’s super thin, and super light, although it fits great. No weird gaps or anything like so many of the wannabe ones out there. Anyway, we’ve tried to perfect it a few times, but it never quite came out perfectly. I think we nailed it this time though. Everything is sanded really flat and we should be ready for paint by the weekend. The third and fourth pics show what it “should” look like, though all stickered up on C West’s own Taikyu car.

370Z/G37 Transmission Mount Part II

12 Nov

Just got the samples in. We’ll be trying them out in the next few days, and if all goes well, look for a new toy for your car soon!

Another UK Zed

12 Nov

One of our customers in the UK posted up some pics of his Z the other day, after having an Uprev Osirus Reflash done. A nice blend of parts, so I figured I’d post it up. The UK guys are as much into their mods as we are over here!

Chargespeed front/rear bumpers, and the awesome INGS Spoiler. I may have to cop one of these for myself. Kwame already has one on lockdown for his car. It’s been my favorite since day 1 too. I just wonder if my current Balsarini spoiler will come off !

He’s also got a very nice HKS Camp installed that we sent him over the summer. Looks so clean when done on a separate screen.

Great looking car Mark, keep it up!

Work Emotion XC8 Closeout Specials!!

11 Nov

Stock is limited to what is listed in this thread only

18×9.5 +20 – available in silver, gold and bronze $1635 Shipped in the 48 states!!!

19×9 +25, 19×10 +20 – available in silver, gold and bronze $1688 Shipped in the 48 states!!!

AME Wheel Fall Closeout Part I

11 Nov

In order to make room for new inventory, we’ve got the go ahead by AME Japan to do clearance sale going on for all in stock AME wheels. AME is a division of Enkei Japan, and they make a variety of sports and VIP oriented wheels for a wide range of cars. All prices include shipping in the 48 states. For points outside the contiguous 48 states, please contact us via email or PM with your full complete address. All details are listed. No other sizes/colors/offsets are available, sorry. Once they are gone, they are gone for good!

1. AME Circlar Spec R, 19×10 +15 offset all around, matte black with polished lip and blue with polished lip available. MSRP is $3580.00, we’re blowing them out for $1699 shipped!!!

2. Circlar Spec R 18×8.5 +30 all around, gold with polished lip. Great for a G35/G37 sedan, or if you don’t mind running spacers (we have those in stock too!) MSRP is $3080, we’re letting them go for $1498 shipped!!!

3. FS01 18×9 +25, 18×10 +25 – bronze. One of the 18×9 is a display piece (had a tire mounted on it), the other 18×9 and the 18×10’s are brand new. MSRP is $2880, we’re letting them for $1145 shipped

4. FS01 18×9 +31, 5-114.3 – bronze and hyper silver available. MSRP is $2880, letting them go for $1250 shipped


Hyper Silver

5. TM02 19×10.5 +22 all around, gunmetal – MSRP is $3340, these are being blown out for $1940.00 shipped

Orders can be placed via credit card (just give us a call at 631-863-3820) or paypal to

First come, first served only


New Koyo Applications: 2008 + Evo X, 2007 + 350Z, 2003 + G35

7 Nov

These are now ready to go!

Koyo’s new radiators for the Evo X, 2007 + 350Z and 2003 + G35 feature full aluminum construction (so no crappy plastic endtanks like the OEM’s use!) and their tube and fin cores are extremely efficient. Contact us for yours, as they are ready to go!

Urethane Transmission Mount 350Z/G35

7 Nov

Just received a nice urethane transmission mount for the 350Z/G35 (manual transmission) that I will be trying out in my car. Construction is very nice – billet T6 6061 aluminum, with a 75a durometer urethane insert. The sleeve for the bolt is already installed so it should be a drop in replacement for stock. We’ve noticed the factory mount has alot of lateral play to it, which contributes to a bit of a vague shifter feel. On the urethane one, the entire center section is filled in, giving it a much sturdier mount vs the stock one, which has alot of give (see last pic). The stock mount is about a 40a durometer by comparison. I am hoping for big things from this little mod, as it should make shifting alot more direct and precise. More on it later in the week when we install it and I can put some miles testing it!

Ciao Bella

5 Nov

A very rare car, in what I am sure is a very rare color combo! The only thing I’d change is paint the carbon side skirts, maybe just leave a bit of the weave exposed.

It’s in the Details

3 Nov

Got a big bunch of stuff in from Detailed Image last week. Hopefully can get going on this soon, as I need to do both the Saab and the Z, and Jon’s car could use it too

Classic Z1 – Part 1: Drag me to Hell

1 Nov

Over a series of posts, we’ll take a look back to where Z1 Performance began.  We’ll chronicle some of the projects, and events from back in the day and share some old photos and stories along the way.

Z1 Performance, the brainchild of a few die-hard Datsun fanatics, saw Adam’s 1979 280ZX as a veritable guinea pig in a project that would strive to blend old school and new in a timeless package.

Mike was the owner of Z1 at the time and an experienced mechanic.  Along with Billy (an equally knowledgeable tech) they had been restoring, repairing, modifying and racing Z-cars for years prior.  They had the experience, parts and knowledge required to get this project off the ground.  Together with Adam’s vision, they targeted the ultimate street car of the time; the 993 911 Turbo, capable of running mid 12-second 1/4 runs with a full interior, A/C, and stereo.

This ZX was not destined to be a trailer queen.  Rather, it would be a fully functioning daily driver as comfortable cruising to work as it was on the drag strip.  As the project grew legs, progress was made quickly.  It wasn’t long before we were all spending Friday nights at Long Island Dragway for test-and-tune.  The boys would have hours to make countless runs, note changes and results.

Phase 1 was simple: Turbocharge the higher compression N/A 280zx motor using OEM Datsun turbo parts along with a rising rate adjustable fuel pressure regulator.

Phase 2 required the stronger Turbo motor’s internals, a front mount intercooler (Starion core) high flow fuel pump, larger turbo and a programmable ECU (Electromotive TEC II).

Phase 3 would bring along a fully built motor, aggressive cam, massive injectors, larger turbo and intercooler plus loads more boost.

Once armed with the ECU, Adam scoped out the few dyno’s available in the area at the time and gain some experience tuning the L series for boost.  We’ll have to search for dyno sheets!

Success wasn’t always the name of the game, and driving the ZX to and from events and testing would often mean long nights prepping and repairing.  I recall one particular test session at LI dragway when the original N/A tranny finally let go…after perhaps one run.  After a tow back to the shop (and a large bill), Mike and Bill had another tranny bolted up in under and hour and we drowned our sorrows with pizza and beer.

Through it all, we built not only fast cars, but solid friendships that would stand the test of time.  While Mike and Bill have since moved on to other careers, they are still very much a part of the Z1 family and continue to offer their assistance, experience and knowledge in their free time.

LI Drag1

Is it a prybar or a boost controller?

LI Drag3

Likely waiting for an authentic LI Dragway hotdog in between runs

LI Drag2

Sitting pretty!

LI Drag4

There we go!

LI Drag7

That's right, a brushed aluminum gas cap in '96. Z1, setting trends!

LI Drag8

Compensating for something?


Now that's competition!


Would this be called "attack mode?"


Who won the holeshot?



Z1 Dyno 1

On the dyno, after a quick stop at the airport for jet fuel! No joke.

Z1 Dyno



All of it, impossible without this man (Mike). That hat was stlyin in '96!

Bringing up the Rear Part IV

1 Nov

The 4.3 rear is now finished, and in transit back up north! This was an adventure to say the least, and essentially represents a bunch of parts that otherwise should not fit with one another. Ben @ Puddymod sent me some final pics of some more of the custom things that had to be done. I figured I’d share them, just so you guys can see what was involved

On the ring and pinion setups, you have a crush collar. This collar is a use-once part, and basically serves as a base that lets you set the torque of the pinion nut consistently. Here you can see the standard crush collar, vs the one that had to be machined for this setup


Here you can see how everything stacks on the pinion itself – just gives you a nice visual to show where the bearings go


Even the shims needed to have the gear mesh so nicely had to be custom done


Because this involved so much custom work, Ben actually made a fixture to make things easier. A prybar is used to set the lsd/ring gear assembly into place quickly and evenly, and the fixture holds it in place



After the bearing caps are reinstalled a backlash reading of 4.5 to 5 thousands is measured, note the sweet gear to gear pattern


Total turning torque on the assembly is 30 inch pounds with 270 foot pounds on the pinion nut


And there you have it – the inner workings of the 4.3 setup. I’ll be using the SPL Pro Differential Bushings with this setup, and I’ll also be testing out a new Urethane Transmission Mount as well, which I am really looking forward to.

Once everything is installed, hopefully by next weekend if time allows, I’ll do some in car videos and post them on our Youtube Channel

Thw questions we’ve gottan alot: Can you do this for me too? The answer is yes. The second question is “how much is it?”. The answer is, unfortunately, insanely expensive. Between the custom parts that had to be made, to the sheer hours of labor involved, this is easily several thousand or so in labor (parts not included). So if you’re serious about it, and it’s on your ‘must have’s”, drop us a line at For a brief period we were able to get our hands on a drop in 4.3 final drive, but sadly, the part was discontinued from our Japanese supplier, and no more will be produced. While it was in and of itself very expensive, it was still less than 1/6 the cost of everything that has gone into this. One of those situations where you are so deep into it, you have no choice but to finish.