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Do you get it “In the can?”

31 Dec


Kwame’s Build Continues – Carnage!

30 Dec

Stay tuned tomorrow for more details



30 Dec

Channukah Harry was on point this year, and it was very car-centric

Just some of the cool stuff I got

From my awesome girlfriend:

Aston Martin DBR9 – “After Race” Version (this is the car that won the GT1 class at LeMans)


Can Am DVD (narrated by Sam Posey) – awesome footage !


Porsche Martini Shirt (maybe next year, the actual car! But for now, I'll settle for the sweater 😉 )

From my younger brother, Jonathan (he’s much a car nerd as I am):

Also from Jonathan – this thing is simply awesome!

1/18 scale Exoto (Racing Legends Collection) 935, 1976 spec, driven by Jacky Ickx, Jochen Mass.

Wangan Midnight Live Action

30 Dec

No idea if this movie was decent or not, but for those interested, release date is set for January 2010 to Blueray and std. DVD. I’ve always been a follower of the cartoon (probably since I have my own version of the Devil Z…albeit an S130), so I’ll check this out.

The Making of an F1 Team

26 Dec

Here’s wishing the US F1 team best wishes for 2010!

Murci Me

25 Dec

Jes-Z on posted up some pics from a track day he recently attended. Not too often you get to see a genuine LP670 SV outside of the typical glamor shots from magazine shoots. I am not much of a Lambo guy at all, but this thing is just evil looking (and sounding!).

I’m Baaaaccccckkkk…………

23 Dec

Self Explanatory

22 Dec

More 11R + Evo X Pics

22 Dec

18×9.5 +20 in Glimmer Silver, really sets the car off well

GT Spec Front Lower Arm Bar Evo X

18 Dec

Coming January 2010!!! This front lower arm bar ties together the front subframe at it’s mounting points. The net result is much faster turn in response and better stability through the twisties!

Click here to preorder yours!

GT Spec Rear Lower Tie Brace 370Z is Here!

18 Dec

Brand new and in stock! This rear lower tie brace for the 370Z, connects the rear lower subframe together, at the points where the rear camber arms meet the subframe. The net result of installing this is improved rear traction during corner entry and exit.

Click here to order yours! In stock and ready to go for $95 shipped!

When Replicas are OK

17 Dec

OK, this has nothing to do with cars, but this pays homage while being altogether unique. I know, I’m a few months late to this, but it’s new to me


Weds SA55M + Evo 10

17 Dec

I am in love with these wheels!!!

We’ve got them coming soon!

Cobb Silicone Intercooler Hoses R35 GTR

17 Dec

Brand new from Cobb

Available in Blue or Black

Click here to order yours!!

One Way Lane (Video Inside)

17 Dec

One of our customers just posted this up on youtube – filmed in Europe at the Stelvio Pass and San Bernardino Pass. Awesome camera work and editing!

Check out his site at