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2 Jan

Sunline Racing’s Voltex-kitted, SSR-wearing 350Z posed cleverly in the pits. This kit is over the top, but looks great in red. It suits the car, since it’s pretty extreme

A sneak peek of what Kevin has been up to…

2 Jan

… new MCR Hood installed.

I’d like to take this hot second to publicly let Kevin know as I have already on the phone that I LOVE the new direction you are going with your car and I know it will be badass when everything is said and done. You are now allowed to bring your car back around my neighborhood without me chastising you. 🙂

*** These are rough pictures by the way as the car was and is still in progress when these pictures were taken***

No, this isn’t Kevin in the car in this picture


Crayon 911

2 Jan

More snow here in NY, so I’m home surfing the web. Came across a neat dealership in shop in Japan called Crayon 911. The name struck me because back in the 90’s, when Porsche was selling their 964 chassis 911, they had a series of bright vibrant colors that some nicknamed “Crayon Colors”. It literally looked like a box of Crayola.

Anyway, some cool pics from their site