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Love the Beast

3 Jan

I know this isn’t exactly hot off the presses but it’s cool anyway! I am watching this for the 2nd time now on Speed HD. Really well done documentary about actor Eric Bana, and his love for cars and motorsport in general.

Check it out if you haven’t already, it’s very enjoyable. Good to know that even at the top, there are guys just like the rest of us. Good friends, working on their cars late at night. The roads alone are simply awe inspiring.


Start Your Engines!

3 Jan

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The winter nap seemed a bit brief this year, but for us motorsport junkies, that’s just fine! 2010 is here, and already we can look forward to new events! The first one I am interested in starts in a couple of weeks – the 24Hours of Dubai. Teams from all over Europe, Asia and the Mid East converge on the small country to duke it out.

The 997 GT3 Cup seems to be the car of choice this year, but the field is pretty diverse. Everything from a Holden Commodore, to Ginetta G50, FR500 Mustang, Civic Type R, Evo X, Lotus Exige, Z4’s, Renault Clio’s and more! Pretty neat. Unfortunately not a single Nissan is running 😦 Team Rush from Japan is even competing with an old school 964 Porsche Turbo.

While the event is not televised in the US, you can stay up to date on the events website 24 Hours of Dubai Website – Click Here

There is also a dedicated You Tube Channel to the event. Not sure what sort of content they will have, but you can check it out 24H Dubai Youtube Channel – Click Here