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Putting the Power Down

9 Jan

350Z’s are blessed with the ability to put down copious amounts of power. The chassis is a terrific blend of comfort and strength, the engines can be built to near bulletproof levels, and the transmissions have proven themselves able to deal with tons of horsepower and torque. However, one area that is often overlooked are the factory bushings. Particularly at the rear of the car. Under acceleration, you will notice than a factory Z has a fair level of squat. While some weight transfer is good, when it all comes to powering out of a hole, from a dig, or at the dragstrip, that tilting is all wasted energy.

Whiteline has come up with a series of urethane bushing solutions to help deal with this. The latest addition is the Differential Positive Power Kit. This new kit from Whiteline is a 4 piece urethane bushing kit which is designed to serve as a supplemental form of support for the rear pumpkin. Unlike the competition, these bushings do not require you to remove the stock units. Instead, they slip right on top and bottom of them, and form a tough urethane barrier between the front pumpkin mounts and subframe. This gives you the compliance and silence of the stock bushings, with the superior strength of urethane, all in one! Coupled with the SPL Rear Solid Differential Bushing this will give a great setup that reduces the slop, gets more power transferred to the ground efficiently, without unwanted noise or vibration.

These are available for purchase now, and ready to go. Just click here to order yours!