More New Toys Coming (Tomei + 350Z= :) )

24 Jan

Tomei recently announced plans for a new line of Titanium Exhaust systems for several popular cars. The first one coming is the Evo X, which we announced here on the blog last month. I just wanted to share a few pics of the forthcoming system for the 350Z.

The Expreme Titanium exhaust will be out in 2010, and is a single, lightweight exhaust system for the 2003-2008 350Z (including NISMO)
Pics courtest of Dino @ Speedhunters. I’ll have new pics to share soon along with full specs

Tomei also has their new metal Super Catalyzer now for the 350Z as as well. They include integrated bungs for wideband 02 sensors, full stainless construction and are 150 cell, so they will flow amazingly well.


Anyone interested in either the exhaust or the cats, contact us at


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