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Tomei Titanium 350Z – Video!

28 Jan

Click here for the video of Tomei's Titanium Exhaust for 350Z/Z33

Just got it


Tomei Titanium Exhaust for 350Z – High Res

28 Jan

Just got this from Tomei – still waiting on final specs and pics but stay tuned here!

Urethane Transmission Mount for 370Z/G37 Installed/Tested

28 Jan

“The Z1 Auto transmission mount dramatically improved
shift engagement and eased gear selection without
sacrificing comfort. We highly recommend this
product for any Z/G enthusiast who takes their driving
seriously. Installation was easy – You must loosen the center bolt to align the two outer bolts,
other then that there were no installation issues what so ever. ”

– Performance Motorsport East Staff (this was from one of the owners, Andrew, who put it into their white 370Z)

If you are interested in one, drop us a line and let us know!