Urethane Transmission Mount for 370Z/G37 Installed/Tested

28 Jan

“The Z1 Auto transmission mount dramatically improved
shift engagement and eased gear selection without
sacrificing comfort. We highly recommend this
product for any Z/G enthusiast who takes their driving
seriously. Installation was easy – You must loosen the center bolt to align the two outer bolts,
other then that there were no installation issues what so ever. ”

– Performance Motorsport East Staff (this was from one of the owners, Andrew, who put it into their white 370Z)

If you are interested in one, drop us a line and let us know!


One Response to “Urethane Transmission Mount for 370Z/G37 Installed/Tested”


  1. Urethane Transmission Mount Coming Soon - Page 4 - Nissan 370Z Forum - January 28, 2010

    […] Urethane Transmission Mount for 370Z/G37 Installed/Tested Corner Balance some pics – more can be found on our blog, above. Production pieces may be powdercoated, or anodized, or painted as well, to stay stealthy and keep it looking nice over time. Haven't quite decided that yet. […]

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