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The Dogs Bollocks

13 Feb

This is going to a good customer and friend of ours in the UK shortly (waiting for some more goodies to come in). This car is joining the FI ranks soon, so it’s getting larger injectors. When you do so, you need a small spacer to allow sufficient clearance, so we did that in the same wrinkle black as well. Ian, seriously, this looks so good! You’re going to love it.


Cleared to Perfection

13 Feb

We recently got in a set of the limited edition CE28N Genesis wheels for a good friend and Z owner. These were released in 2009, as a slightly less expensive version of the CE28. Reports from previous customers were that the paint didn’t seem quite as durable as they are on other colors – perhaps a different process is what makes them cost about $100 less per wheel than a non-limited CE? Anyway, to make sure they stay good looking for years to come, we cleared them here using DuPonts Chroma-Premier clear. This stuff gives tons of depth and a very durable surface. I apologize they are a bit blurry, I’ll get some nicer ones up shortly