17 Feb

Rumors abound that this is what their offices soon may look like down in Charlotte. Their primary backer, Mr. Youtube Chad Hurley, is now said to have taken his checkbook and gone home, though word is he is talking about sponsoring, or acquiring, another fledgling team, Campos F1 (with yet a third upstart possible being part of the deal too, Stefan GP). Will the 2 teams merge? Will neither make the first race that’s less than a month out? Who knows. But true to form, the weeks leading up to the F1 season opener is always like a soap opera. All the news doesn’t bode well. Too bad, it would have been neat to see them participate. Hopefully they can secure a backer in enough time to salvage a season, but at the present time, it ain’t looking good.


One Response to “RIP USF1?”

  1. March 11, 2010 at 1:02 PM #

    I have met Chad Hurley a few times and while he is a very cool cat, he didn’t make his money sitting around twiddling his thumbs. I can easily say that if nothing is getting done, he won’t want to just sit around and pump money into the system without results.

    P.S. – I want more US F1 anything. Race team… A race… Something to put up against NASCART (yes I added a T at the end). I don’t hate NASCART, just want something else up against it.

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