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25 Feb

Z1 Performance Urethane Transmission Mount 350Z/G35

Just got our new batch of urethane transmission mounts in stock for the 2003-2008 350Z/G35. Some of you might remember the post we did here a few months ago DIY Urethane Transmission Mount Installation

These are now in stock and ready to go. We’ve got 3 stiffnesses to choose from.

The 60A is approximately 50% stiffer than stock and geared towards street/auto-x and club type track day drivers.

The 75A is for you more sporting types – those who do some street/strip work, or who auto-x more frequently, and who want crisp, consistent shifts, without resorting to a solid mount. There is increased NVH vs the 60A, but shifting is significantly more precise.

The 90A is the stiffest, and is typically found on group n rally cars and full out track cars, as it is nearly solid – expect significant increase in NVH, but with the most shifter precision.

Spring is hopefully around the corner (though you would never know it with the weather we’ve had here in the Northeast), so we’re going to be offering a special of $120 shipped in the 48 states. If you’re looking for the ultimate combo, package it up with our Billet Motor Mount Set. Combo price is just $255.00 shipped in the 48 states (saves you over $40 bucks from the normal website price!)

Any questions, let us know!


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