USF1: Save the Drama for Yo Momma

25 Feb

There is so much controversy surrounding the state of affairs at USF1, that it’s beginning to look less like the birth of a domestic F1 team, and more like a testosterone fuelled episode of Real Housewives (insert city du jour here). Alleged meetings by the FIA to the headquarters were said to have taken place yesterday – but no one is talking about whether it even happened, let alone what all went down.

Quite honestly, this whole thing is getting old. I understand alot of time, effort and money has probably been poured into the formation of this program, but why not just come out and be upfront about what’s really going on? At the very least, it keeps everyone from fanning the fires. We’ve got the first race in about 2 weeks. I think it’s clear by now that USF1 will not be part of that event, and rumor has it that they’ve now petitioned the FIA to allow them to enter in race 4. I’d love to see this get off the ground, as I know alot of fellow US Formula One fans would, but so far, it seems like things were either rushed to get a program off the ground without the proper infrastructure in place, or promises were made and subsequently broken by those who hold the purse strings (or a combination thereof). Either way, it doesn’t look good for the team, or the sport. I think it’s time to fish or cut bait. You’ve either got a team or you don’t. Don’t turn this whole thing into ameteur hour just to save some face. If you’re serious about getting the team on the roster, plan it out carefully, get your ducks in a row, quadruple check that all the promises made to you are bankable, and take the slow and steady route. This is a fledgling organization trying to compete on the world stage with the likes of Ferrari and Renault. The team has the basics, but I think the sport can only stand one Cinderella story every few years. Proper planning is what separates the contenders from the also-rans in my opinion. I truly hope it comes together, but I hope to see it executed as it needs to be, and not hastily thrown together only to see it disappear quickly.


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