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The Bane of My Existence (or Oh Snap! for you hipsters)

21 Mar

The past few days I’ve watched everyone and their mother take
their cars out from the long winter slumber and stretch their legs a bit. With the rough winter we had here in NY, the past few days has been a welcome change, and proof that spring is officially here. I’ve been struggling for the past 6 weeks trying to get this Racepak dash fully integrated into the car, a project we started last year. While it remains functional, the latest software update I had done was supposed to enable the odometer. Coupled with the addition of an add on sensor module and some wiring, we were also hoping to get the fuel level to display right from the factory sending unit to the dash. So far both “updates” have proven elusive.

Well today I said fuel gauge be damned, I’m taking the car out. I’ve had so much going on in the past month or so in my personal life, that I really needed this for just myself. A catharsis that could only be found at 8400 rpm. Cleaned her up and got about 1500 feet from the shop when WTF – where did my throttle go? The net result is shown. Tomorrow’s project – install a new throttle cable, and do so in such a way that this won’t happen again. Hopefully I can get someone from Racepak to call me back at the same time so we can finally get everything done….for now.

Distant Relatives…

21 Mar

An LP640 and an R8 showing that ebony and ivory can live together in perfect harmony...

Picture Courtesy of 6speedonline

IDing Power 460GT

21 Mar

So much for leaving well enough alone…

Check the stats…


Red with Envy…

21 Mar

Red Rauh Welt Built 964 for sale at Auto Sports Japan