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Full House

22 Mar

Kwame’s car began the next phase of it’s life by relocating. First time it left his house since I think 2006! The end result is going to be so worthwhile…there isn’t another car out there that I’m aware of that will be done to this level.

My car will hopefully be roadgoing again this week.

All will once again be right with the world.


22 Mar

We’ll see. Certainly WAY nicer looking that the last cable I was using. Picked it up tonight from the area muscle car shop. Hopefully will be in the car tomorrow night, and god willing, the tune comes this weekend!

Stuck on You

22 Mar

Some quick snaps of a venerable combo – RPF1’s + Toyo R888. This particular combo now resides on a track going 350Z we’ll be assisting with (parts wise) this year.

Prognosis Negative (Camber)

22 Mar

One of our good customers out west just forwarded me some pics of his latest setup. Steve’s been a good customer for awhile now, and this past winter, we set him up with a bunch of new stuff. First was a deal on a set of AME Circlar Spec R’s in blue (19×9.5 +15, 19×10.5 +15). Then just after the new year, we sent out a new box of goodies, including SPL Front Adjustable A Arms, Eibach Rear Camber/Toe Kit, Powergrid Front/Rear Endlinks and 15mm Project Kics Spacers. The car is lowered on Zeal Function Xs Coilovers. The Ings hoods are just dead sexy on the Z’s too.

The camber? Yeah, there’s alot. Not quite sure exactly how much just yet, since this was the trial run, but it’s a work in progress. As Steve put it “As for the camber, unfortunately, running an aggressive stance is a trial and error type of deal. This is my first attempt at it, so I had to make it fit with tires that are too wide. I’ll probably go with something like 245s or 255s in the rear next time (prob in 2 weeks when these wear out ), which will allow me to dial out some of that neg camber. As it is, I had to raise the car a full inch in the rear, and roll the s*** out of my fenders just to get the car to move!”

Stay tuned here for the final pics once everything is fully setup!

Audi R8 Spyder Photos… Real or Fake?

22 Mar

I didn’t even know this car was out. If these photos are legit, based on the location of these photos a certain Mr. Mike Ko owes us all an apology for not giving us the scoop on this. 🙂

Personally, I like it. As you can tell I’ve been on an R8 kick as of late.

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