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Road Presence

25 Apr

Uh…yeah, just a wee bit! For sale over at Bingo Sports. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

The CLK GTR. One of AMG/Mercedes most amazing creations. This car was designed and built for one purpose – to race. The car was homologized for road use in extremely limited #’s (25 total), and it dominated the FIA GT Championship. I’m sure alot of you guys have seen the infamous videos of the race going versions flipping at LeMans in ’99 (twice!). Here was one of the crashes

And a neat mini-documentary on the development of this amazing machine

Part 1

Part 2


One Miiiillliiion………..

25 Apr

Just wanted to extend a hearty thank you to all our loyal readers. We hit another milestone in our blog’s life today, by eclipsing 1,000,000 unique views since our start (End of August 2008).

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


25 Apr

Pretty neat idea brought to you by Royal Purple

CJ Motorsports Fuel Systems Back in Stock

25 Apr

Just got a new batch of the best fuel system on the market for your NA or FI 350Z and G35

They are offered in Stage 0 as well as Stage 1 and Stage 2 configurations

How Ya Like Me Now?

17 Apr

This post is twofold. First, a good local customer finally sent over the pics of the new wheels we air’d in for him a couple months back – white RG2’s.

Second, this song kicks ass – enjoy


2007-2008 350Z Radiator Cooling Panels Now Available!

17 Apr

This is our latest product – the aluminum cooling panel (aka radiator shroud) for the 2007-2008 350Z’s. These are all made here in the US of T6061 aluminum, and powdercoated locally as well to ensure the finish stays, and lasts. Since the radiator core supports are different between the 2003-2006 and 2007-2008 cars, we had to create a new part that would fit properly. Many manufacturers out there have inaccurately said theirs fit all year cars, and it’s simply not the case. While the HR was only around for 2 model years, and is not as popular as the previous DE engines, we felt it deserved some of it’s own attention.

Some highlights of this product:

– Installation literally takes a few minutes. Simply use a small flat head screwdriver to remove the clips are the front of the bumper, slip the cooling panel in place, and reattach the clips. Nothing needs to be trimmed, cut, modified, or altered in any way.

– Will work with any intake, stock or aftermarket.

– Fully powdercoated on both sides to ensure a durable, brilliant finish

– Funtion or form? A little of both, but it’s mainly form. The theory behind the function side is that by covering the open area between the radiator core and the bumper, you are forcing more air through the radiator. This is true to an extent, but the primary function of this piece is to tidy up the engine bay, and help disguise the bulky hood release area.

We have 30 pieces in stock now, and will be ready to ship next week (they are all being coated as we speak).

Pricing for the initial batch (your choice of flat black, or gloss silver) will be $129 shipped in the 48 states. For anyone located outside of the 48 states, simply contact us with your complete shipping address (not just a postal code, or country please!) to, or via PM and we can let you know the cost. To order, you can just give us a call at (631)863-3820, or send paypal to Or, just Click Here. Please include your shipping address, telephone #, my350Z screen name in the paypal payment so we know who you are and we send the correct color.

Any questions, let us know

Bringing Up the Rear Part V: I Love it When a Plan Comes Together

9 Apr

As you can tell from my last entry, the latest round of mods to my Z have been nothing short of ‘interesting’. Basically, it’s kicked our collective asses, and it’s taken alot of blood, sweat, tears, money and patience to have it all come together. But we rounded an important corner, and I think I can officially say that for the time being “I’m done!” (well, sorta).

A couple weeks ago, I took the 8 hour drive up to Buffalo to have Mike from Innovative Tuning finalize the Haltech tune. The car decently enough on the way up, no issues. The ride back was even better, firstly because I found a different way to go, saving me about an hour, and secondly because it was nice to be back in a car that was properly tuned.

Last weekend we decided it was time to tackle the 4.3 final drive install. I’ve written alot about this custom setup in previous entries. It’s been sitting here for probably 6 or 7 months now, just waiting. Of course, this seemingly simple swap was not without it’s drama. First, we had a helluva time getting 1 of the exhaust bolts out. After that was solved, the exhaust came down and we found something that we at the shop call “no bueno”. My midpipe was cracked almost all the way around, right where the resonator meets the piping section. In addition it was developing a second crack at the resonator itself. It had noticeable scrape marks on the underside from numerous incidents. Since the car is so low, stuff like this is inevitable. The exhaust has been in the car for probably 5 years now, so it wouldn’t be the end of the world. Except…it’s titanium. As some may know, welding titanium isn’t exactly like welding anything else. Takes some pretty specialized stuff, that we certainly don’t have here. A few phone calls later and I was hooked up with Joe from Accurate Welding. I immediately ran down there, midpipe in hand, and in no time, I was back on my way!

This is one of the great things about being in NY, and I’m sure other areas of the country too. Everything you can think of is literally a stones throw away. Today we had some spare time so we finished up the install. Unfortunately it’s been raining most of the day, so I haven’t actually had a chance to drive the car yet. Kwame did though, and his words went something like “HOLY SHIT THAT THING IS QUICK!” He was all smiles – I hope I am too!

The Secret Behind Nike Air… New Nike Commercial

1 Apr

I just watched this and wanted to share… 🙂