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Road Presence

25 Apr

Uh…yeah, just a wee bit! For sale over at Bingo Sports. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up.

The CLK GTR. One of AMG/Mercedes most amazing creations. This car was designed and built for one purpose – to race. The car was homologized for road use in extremely limited #’s (25 total), and it dominated the FIA GT Championship. I’m sure alot of you guys have seen the infamous videos of the race going versions flipping at LeMans in ’99 (twice!). Here was one of the crashes

And a neat mini-documentary on the development of this amazing machine

Part 1

Part 2


One Miiiillliiion………..

25 Apr

Just wanted to extend a hearty thank you to all our loyal readers. We hit another milestone in our blog’s life today, by eclipsing 1,000,000 unique views since our start (End of August 2008).

Enjoy what’s left of the weekend!


25 Apr

Pretty neat idea brought to you by Royal Purple

CJ Motorsports Fuel Systems Back in Stock

25 Apr

Just got a new batch of the best fuel system on the market for your NA or FI 350Z and G35

They are offered in Stage 0 as well as Stage 1 and Stage 2 configurations