New Product: 5Zigen ProRacer Econ

1 May

Just got word that this part is about to be stateside, and from a cursory look, it seems sorta interesting. There are several ignition/electrical “booster” systems out there which operate at varying levels of success. 5Zigen’s setup appears to target electrical losses at the coilpacks. These are car specific, and offered for a variety of performance cars including the Evo, WRX/STi, Civic, 350Z, 370Z, G35, G37, RX7, RX8 and tons of others.

I haven’t found alot of info, though I did find this dyno test from Japan, done on a 350Z (I’m going to guess it’s a standard DE, non revup, based on the redline).

MSRP is $350 for the unit, and plug and play harnesses range in price from $60 to $200 each. Anyone interested in testing it out for a discounted rate, let us know!

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