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JDM @ LeMans

13 Jun

We’ve had a thing for SW20 MR2’s lately, and since LeMans was this weekend, what better chance than to showcase Sard’s MC8-R project from 1995. This car competed at LeMans, wearing a Lexus V8 -I believe twin turbocharged.

Audi Victorious at LeMans

13 Jun

The 4 rings of Audi proved an unstoppable force in France this weekend, as the R15 TDI Diesel’s took a perfect 1-2-3 finish at LeMans. All the talk in the first half of the race was about how Peugot was going to run away with it all, how they were not even pushing 100%, given their qualifying performances. However, LeMans is a war of attrition, and by the time daylight had arrived, the 4 Peugot’s had all succumbed to failure.

In LMP2, the Strakka team won everyone’s hearts with a nearly flawless event. A Saleen won GT1, which will go away next year as a class. A Porsche took the GT2 class win.