Wide Load

15 Jul

Just got these pics from a long time client in France. He’s been through alot of project cars, and always does them up fully. This one is no different, but a bit older than usual.

EJ257 engine, JDM 6 speed – he is still contemplating which turbo to go with.


One Response to “Wide Load”

  1. BoostGear.com July 20, 2010 at 11:29 AM #

    That car is fantastic. The fenders are so smooth and everything is as perfect as I could dream.

    If you are looking for turbos, the guy who is shaking up the subaru turbo world is using an equal length header and a variety of different Mitsubishi Evo twin scroll turbos. You can find him on NASIOC using the handle “Moore Performance”

    Here are pictures of his turbo kit —

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