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Official like a ref with a whistle…

9 Jul

I’m loving how this E46 M3 looks on the new Volk Racing TE37Sls. The wheel sizes are 18 x10.5 +20 all around for those who are wondering.

The hood is pretty nice too…

Source: Minkara

From the WTF files…

8 Jul


We’ve had to view this monstrosity outside the shop windows for the last couple of days. I have no idea what this guy is trying to accomplish but as Adam said “I really hope there is a light at the end of this tunnel.”

“My sister says Walgreens has them”…

7 Jul

I  just got my Droid Incredible in the mail yesterday. So in celebration here is some iPhone 4 humor…

and another one knocking the HTC EVO, lol…

Taste the Rainbow

7 Jul

After exchanging some emails with a customer stationed overseas this morning, I realized that alot of people probably think Endless calipers only come in the traditional blue. As nice as that color is, Endless does offer a wide range of caliper colors to suit just about any taste.

In addition, rotor hats are offered in various colors too. If you need any assistance with any Endless/Zeal purchase, just let us know! We all use them on our own cars here, and we know the products inside and out

Carbonetics Introduces An Affordable Carbon Clutch!

6 Jul

Carbonetics has just introduced their new Blade Clutch series to the market! That’s right, an affordable carbon based clutch for the same price as many metal/blended disk versions!

Quick Shift
The specific gravity of the Carbon is 1/5 of iron. By attaching our carbon material on the outer edges of the clutch disc, an ultra low inertia is released which cannot be accomplished by conventional clutches

The low inertia makes quick shifting very easy and at the same time it minimizes the damages to the scynrco gears.

Reduced Transmission Impact
The new carbon clutch has sprung centre damper in order to achieve an easy operation and to reduce the impact to the transmission at the engagement.

The Blade Carbon clutch has been tested and can hold 450+ BHP with a comparative torque figure; tests have shown the clutch to hold even more. (Depending on pressure plate)

Affordable prices with OEM flywheel compatibility
Carbonetics has shattered the image of expensive Carbon clutches. The Carbon Blade clutch will not only fit a stock flywheel but also the price is not much different to that of a conventional metal sintered clutch.

Mitusbishi Evo 4-10
Honda Integra DC2/DC5 Civic EK9/EP3
Toyota Celica/MR-S/AE86
Nissan Skyline GTR/GTS 32-33, S13/S14/S15 Pulsar/GTi-R (SR20DET)

Coming soon
Ford Focus ST/RS
VW/Audi 1.8T 1.9TDI, 2.0TDI/2.0T
BMW E36 M3
Porsche 911 RS all models


5 Jul

Took a drive out east yesterday morning in the Z, that turned into a 5 hour trek through Sag Harbor, Bridgehampton, and Southampton. Awesome weather, and a holiday weekend made for the perfect time to just chill with the car.

Anyway, I spotted this neatly tucked away behind a cafe. First person to correctly name what it is, we’ll send you some free stuff.

Precious Cargo…

5 Jul

I just got these photos from one of my good buddies who works at one of our local airports of some vehicles en route to their owners in the U.S. Hopefully one day I can expect a special delivery like this

McLaren F1

McLaren F1

McLaren F1

Ferrari 458 Italia

New Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooler, Piping and Intake for Evo X

4 Jul

Brand new from our friends at TXS is their front mount intercooler, pipe set and intake for the 2008 + Evo X.

Designed with a true power enthusiast goals in mind. We use 19×11.5×3 core with the proper fin density to ensure the best heat dissipation throughout the bar and plate core, while keeping pressure drop to a minimal. The use of a core this size is good for up to 800 hp! On each side of the core we use a 2.5 inch inlet and outlet allow this core to be used as a core only upgrade. Which bolts into the place of your stock intercooler seamlessly.

The piping kit comes with high quality silicone interconnects and T Bolt clamps.

The intake adds about 10 whp and 15 ft lbs of torque!

All in all it’s a combo that fits well, is affordable, and has obvious gains!

Click here to order yours!

Branching Out

1 Jul

Prova Engineering is a familiar name among Subaru enthusiasts, but did you know they also are involved in several other marques on the motorsport side of things?

Some examples – BYOUBUGAURA Z33. This is why the genuine stuff is always best. Note the full INGS Aero kit. The same kit you can buy for your own Z. You may not be running your car in Super Taikyu, or even SCCA Club Events, but there is a certain pride that comes in knowing that the same parts you have grace real race cars around the world. We don’t look at this as an excuse to treat yourself and your car with the best, but rather, a reason to.

Prova’s own 997 Cup Car