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@ Stanceworks Meet

6 Aug

Kwame and I drove up to the Stanceworks meet at Bear Mountain last Sunday. Other than a quick bit of wet weather crossing the GWB and getting my nice clean car sprayed by that bus, we enjoyed the drive up north – nice weather, windows down and good tunes are what the summer is about. The original meeting spot was decent with the exception of the quarry-like pavement 🙂 Would have worked out had the park police/troopers decided we couldn’t be there (and the required permit been secured). Then someone had the idea to go to one of the huge lots at an area shopping mall – but the cops/security there didn’t like that either. Aside from the guy playing his techno music at the original meeting spot, no one was doing anything to elicit being asked to leave by anyone. Oh well…that’s how meets out here tend to go. We aren’t really part of the “hella-anything” scene/movement/revolution or whatever you want to call it -we just like meeting cool people and the cars they are passionate about.

Here are a few shots I found of my car – thanks to those who took them!

Turbo XS Mitsubishi Lancer Ralliart Exhaust Pieces In Stock!

6 Aug
Lancer Ralliart Cat-Back Exhaust System – Part No. LRA-CBE

The Lancer Ralliart is built on the same chassis as the Evolution X, just because of it lower price point we did not want to offer a lesser exhaust for the great platform. Our goal was Sound, Looks and Power. This means being able to keep exhaust note tolerable and exhaust gas velocity high. The result is true High Performance Stainless Steel 3 inch exhaust system that is polished to a show quality from the flange to our muffler which has been complimented with blue heat treated tips. Expect 6-10 whp from the catback and 30-40 whp with full turboback.

Lancer Ralliart Front Pipe (Downpipe) (LRA-FP)

The Lancer Ralliart Front Pipe was designed to remove the 1st catalytic converter. This will free up the majority of your horsepower gains. Simply installing this bolt on part you will see a gain of 15+whp. As an additional upgrade we offer the ability to use our 2nd o2 sensor bung for your wideband 02 sensor.

Lancer Ralliart Cat-Pipe (LRA-CP)

The Lancer Ralliart High Flow Cat-pipe allows you to bolt on horsepower while staying 50 states legal with a Catalytic Converter on the car. Designed to be used with our LRA-FP & LRA-CBE. A must have if the vehicle will need to taken through emission testing.
Specs: 100 cell Metal Matrix

Lancer Ralliart Race Pipe (LRA-RP)

The Lancer Ralliart Race pipe is the key to big horsepower gains. Removing the 2nd catalytic converters on the vehicle will give you an additional 10whp gain when used our EVOX-FP & EVOX-CBE and no other mods. The results only get better when running higher boost pressure and proper engine management.

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