@ Stanceworks Meet

6 Aug

Kwame and I drove up to the Stanceworks meet at Bear Mountain last Sunday. Other than a quick bit of wet weather crossing the GWB and getting my nice clean car sprayed by that bus, we enjoyed the drive up north – nice weather, windows down and good tunes are what the summer is about. The original meeting spot was decent with the exception of the quarry-like pavement šŸ™‚ Would have worked out had the park police/troopers decided we couldn’t be there (and the required permit been secured). Then someone had the idea to go to one of the huge lots at an area shopping mall – but the cops/security there didn’t like that either. Aside from the guy playing his techno music at the original meeting spot, no one was doing anything to elicit being asked to leave by anyone. Oh well…that’s how meets out here tend to go. We aren’t really part of the “hella-anything” scene/movement/revolution or whatever you want to call it -we just like meeting cool people and the cars they are passionate about.

Here are a few shots I found of my car – thanks to those who took them!

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