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AAM Competition Fuel Systems for 350Z (HR Engine) and 370Z

14 Jun

A direct bolt-on kit that converts the current factory “return less” fuel system to a full return fuel system. The “return less” system from the factory offers minimal adjustment to the amount of fuel the engine can receive.
This system is a must have for any forced induction supercharged or turbocharged 350Z HR/370Z because the AAM Competition Fuel Return System removes the factory regulator’s control of fuel pressure and replaces the control with a vacuum/boost sensitive adjustable fuel pressure regulator. This allows you to adjust both the level of base fuel pressure and increase fuel pressure under boost.

To order, give us a call at (631)863-3820 or email to

Low Buck/Low Dust Brake Maintenance Package for Evo VII-IX

14 Jun

Own an Evo? Need new brakes? Barely made it out of the parts department at your local dealership alive after seeing the prices? Don’t worry – we got ya covered!

We know what you want – a kit that is complete, has low dust, and doesn’t “brake” the bank!

What you get:

Front AND Rear rotors (vented, non slotted, non drilled, just good old fashioned blanks like the car came stock with), front and rear PBR pads. A great low dust, low noise pad that outlasts the factory stuff. We encourage you to price this out at your dealer – and see why our deal kills theirs

Cost – $565 shipped in the 48 states! To order give us a call at (631)863-3820 or email

Low Buck/Low Dust Brake Maintenance Package for 350Z/G35!

14 Jun

We hear everyday from customers who aren’t interested in a big brake kit, aren’t interested in some exotic pad compounds. They just want an all in one, complete replacement parts for their tired and worn brakes. We’ve put this package together with this customer in mind, and it includes everything you need. So far we’ve worked out packages for non Brembo owners, since that is what most people have. If demand is there, we can look into procuring a similar package for those with factory Brembo’s too

2003-2005 350Z/G35 with standard (non Brembo) brakes: $315 SHIPPED in the 48 states for everything!!!

2006-2008 350Z/G35 with standard (non Brembo) brakes: $385 SHIPPED in the 48 states for everything!!!

To order, just give us a call at (631)863-3820 or email

NISMO LMGT4 Omori Spec

14 Jun

NISMO has announced a limited run of 100 wheels (25 sets) of the venerable LMGT4 in 18×9.5 +12, 5-114.3. The last time they did this it sold out in 2 days! Pricing is $4200US per set + shipping to wherever you are in the world. Email to order yours!


SSR Wheel Deals

13 Jun

SP3 – one of SSR’s newest multipiece wheels

19×9.5 +25 front (high pad, so good for BBK!), 19×10.5 18 (normal disk), finished in flat black with polished lip, or gloss black with polished lip.

Also available in 20×9.5 +25 (high pad, good for BBK), 20×10.5 + 30 (super low disk for max lippage), or 20×11 +11 (normal disk) in flat black, gloss black titan silver and even Super Black Coat (SBC)!

SSR Type F

18×9.5 +22, 18×10.5 +22 available in either flat black or gold!
19×8.5 +22, 19×9.5 +30, 19×10.5 +15 in gold. Or, do 19×10.5 +22 all around in flat black

center caps sold separately!

Contact us for pricing – tires available for local pickup only (Toyo, Michelin, Bridgestone, Goodyear, Hoosier, BFG, Kumho, Hankook). Sorry we do not do tires for mailorder. TPMS sensors also available!

Live LeMans Stream

11 Jun

If you’re stuck at work, or not near a tv this weekend, check this link out for a live feed for the LeMans 24 Hr Race. Other places have it too, but below is the world feed from EuroSport. Tends to be the best overall coverage IMHO.

If you’re stuck in a car all weekend and have Sirius or XM, they have it broadcast as well. Channel 94 on Sirius, 208 on XM

Alphabet Soup

10 Jun

SSR SP3 + MS3 = NFC (Nice Freakin’ Car)

Chargespeed for 350Z @ Insane Pricing!!!

10 Jun

These deals are just too good to pass up! Only the items listed here apply!!! All pricing is posted, and includes shipping in the 48 states. For shipping to any location outside the 48 states, please email us at [email][/email] with your full, complete address and we can get you the cost. Thanks – first come first served so don’t miss out!!!

Chargespeed FRP Aero Mirror Set 2003-2008 350Z
These use your factory mirror mounting base (aka the triangle) for fitment. Although they are spec’d as a RHD mirror, there is enough adjustment for them to be used on our LHD cars thankfully! More form over function for sure, but they are pretty sweet looking

MSRP = $420 + shipping; on sale now for $309 SHIPPED!!!

Chargespeed Canards for 2003-2008 350Z:
sold as either an upper pair in your choice of FRP or Carbon, or Lower pair in your choice of FRP or carbon

FRP Upper OR Lower Canard Set (Pair) – MSRP = $240 + shipping, on sale now for $183 SHIPPED! Carbon Upper OR Lower Canard Set (Pair) – MSRP = $340 + shipping, on sale now for $253 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed Headlight Eyebrow Set in carbon or FRP – fits 2003-2008 models

FRP: MSRP = $140 + shipping, on sale for $113 SHIPPED!; Carbon: MSRP = $240 + shipping, on sale for $183 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed Carbon Airdam Finisher for 2003-2005 OR 2006-2008 350Z (standard bumper – fits right under the grille as shown, must specify year when ordering as they differ!)

MSRP = $395 + shipping, on sale now for $305 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed FULL GT Widebody Kit!!!

MSRP = $6280, on sale now for $4596 SHIPPED!

Chargespeed GT Rear Wing with Carbon Center:

MSRP = $1580 + shipping, on sale now for $1240 shipped!

Chargespeed Side Underwings – available in FRP or Carbon!

Front Side (under front fender) – FRP: MSRP = $160/pair + shipping, on sale for $132 SHIPPED! Carbon: MSRP = $289/pair + shipping, on sale for $222 SHIPPED!

Rear Side (under rear quarter panel) – FRP: MSRP = $189/pair + shipping, on sale for $152 SHIPPED! Carbon: MSRP = $250 SHIPPED!

Front AND Rear Set – FRP – $275 SHIPPED; Carbon – $457 SHIPPED

We’ve also got clearance stuff for: S2000, Supra, G35, Evo VIII/IX, Lexus, RX7, Civic, RSX, RX8, 240SX, WRX/STi, Legacy. So if you or someone you know is after anything Chargespeed, let us know! Could be an awesome chance to save some serious coin!!

Tanabe Touring Medallion Protege5 Clearance!!!

10 Jun

We have a limited # of Tanabe Touring Exhausts available for the 2001-2005 Protege5. This is a great exhaust for you guys who want a top quality, full stainless system that has a civilzed, non ricey note, built by a top name in the biz.

This is an axle back system, meaning it will replace your factory muffler and mate to your midpipe. Install is very easy to do in your driveway as there are only 2 bolts -should take no more than 30 minutes!

MSRP is $430 + shipping. Letting them go for $278 SHIPPED in the 48 states!!!! Shipping to locations outside the 48 states is doable too – we need to know your FULL/COMPLETE address, not just a city/country/postal code

To order, give us a call at 631-863-3820. We only have a handful available, and once they are gone, that’s it

Before My Time

9 Jun

This must have been an epic battle to witness as a car nut. Imagine if the technology of today could somehow intersect with the rivalry of yesterday? This was a few years past the legendary Ford vs Ferrari days though if memory serves this was the last year of the “running start”.

History Lesson

9 Jun

This is over 30 years old but this old girl could still give modern race cars a run for their money

Poster Cars of Our Youth Part 3: Higher Education

7 Jun

Who remembers this staple of a young mans wall in the mid to late 80’s?


Poster Cars of our Youth Part 2: Porsche 959

7 Jun

I had this exact poster on my bedroom wall growing up… wish I kept it


Poster Cars of our Youth Part 1: The Vector

5 Jun

The story of the Vector series is long and complicated complete with doses of racing aspirations, supercar claims, alleged financial impropriety…

But how many of you had a poster of this car on your wall growing up?


Quite possibly the dopest “station car” ever…

1 Jun



Yup, somebody leaves this beauty at the train station all day every day. It might be stock but it’s still pretty dope.