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Bilstein Coilovers 350Z/G35

18 Jul

The new PSS10 is a step up from where the PSS9 left off. Adding an extra level of dampening adjustment (now 10 total clicks of adjustment front and rear), these units have monotube dampers, fully galvanized housings, and feature spring rates of 370 lbs front, and a progressive rear rate of 240-420 lbs rear.

The biggest change to the PSS10 vs the 9 is the adjustment knob – the new knob is much easier to use, with larger numbers. Since the size increased, it’s now easier to feel the adjustment clicks as well. They also added an additional level of adjustment. Total span of adjustment between full stiff and full soft is approximately 30%. These are the ideal coilover for someone who wants the ability to adjust height and dampening, but who also demands a quiet, solid, european inspired ride (firm, but well controlled, without being rigid and unforgiving).

Priced this week only at $1729 SHIPPED in the 48 states!

To order, just give us a call at 631-863-3820



16 Jul

None of us here have a Porsche, but they have had such an impact on the world of sports cars, we can’t help by write about them. The 911 is one of the iconic sports cars of the modern era. There have been so many versions, one offs, projects, concepts, it is dizzying. One such model is the 2.7RS – the original bad boy that has eventually spawned such versions as the Carrera CS, and the modern day GT3 and GT3RS.

Porsche first debuted the model at the 1972 Paris International Auto Show. It was one of those times where Porsche had to build a certain number of production versions in order to enable the race version to participate in Group 4 competition. Such homologation specials are fairly commonplace for Porsche.

Everything about the RS was a 911 on a diet. Everything was thinner. The sheetmetal, the glass, even the carpet. These cars generated about 210 hp in standard form, and were offered in a few different trims for street use, club use, and full out race use. They were, of course, a limited run, and when they change hands now, they go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many people now choose to do replica versions, where they take a clean shell, and do a version in the spirit of the original.

Lessons Learned

13 Jul

There was a recent thread on a popular forum where a person was complaining about his second “built” motor failure in recent months. This is unfortunately a common issue among the amateur car hobbyist, whether domestic or import. All too often people think that an engine fortified with forged this and strengthened that will automatically become bulletproof. As many have found, it’s simply not the case.

A long list of parts does not a perfect motor make. Engines are essentially puzzles. But more complex. When you buy a puzzle, the pieces are all designed to fit together in a cohesive package. An engine build is generally made up of a variety of manufacturer parts, and not all were conceived with one another in mind. What’s more, not every part is designed with one end user in mind. Some people only shoot for a dyno number. Others may road race their car and need an engine that can sustain hours upon hours of high rpm. But most of us simply drive our cars on the street, use off the shelf oil, and want and expect the engine to start, drive and last through any season. We want to be able to drive it in January or July. We want it to be able to be reliable at 2500 rpm cruising and 9000 rpm shifts. And when we put money down on a “built” engine, we expect it. We typically don’t know how to treat the engines with kid gloves. The engine build you do for a customer in Dubai can and should differ from
one you do for a customer in Minnesota. Different environments, potentially different uses, require different clearances, and sometimes different components. However, those goals are not always communicated clearly. Often engine builds are sold by a retailer who has no experience in the build side. They simply slap a group of products together that earns a certain margin, finds some inexpensive machine shop in their area who can bolt the pieces together and suddenly they are in the “built engine” business. I’ve heard many good, successful machinists say “anyone can assemble an engine, few can build one”. And it’s true.

All too often customers spend endless hours on forums getting what they perceive to be the truth about an H beam rod vs an A beam. Or this bearing brand vs that. If they put half that wasted time into selecting who they actually use to BUILD the engine, they would end up in a way better position. Their goals would be clearly communicated and understood because the machinist would demand it. He wouldn’t turn a wrench without those marching orders. Not everything ends when you pay. That’s where it begins. Ideally you want to be able to look back 10 years and still have a successfully running engine. Many times, people look back 10 months and see that they are on build #2 or #3, out of pocket, an they aren’t setting any sort of crazy goals. Its not because they selected a stock bearing vs aftermarket, it’s not because they didn’t opt for the piston-top coating. It’s usually because whomever bolted their puzzle together shouldn’t have.

Bottom line – do your research. Don’t buy a boatload of parts and drop them at your local engine builder. Talk to them first. If there isn’t one locally, talk to those who have established a reputation in their community for building reliable engines. Communicate your goals. If you don’t know your goals, it’s ok – but it means you’re not ready for an engine build yet. Think about what you’re doing, how much you can spend, what your tolerance is to potentially do it over. Write your thoughts down, and it will all begin to make more sense. Don’t obsess over staged head packages, or wrist pin offset. That’s why you are using a professional. If you are genuinely curious about this stuff – ask – but then listen. Write stuff down if you want. It helps. A customer smart enough to ask the questions and smart enough to listen to the answers is way more enjoyable than the one who drops off 10 lbs of dung and expects it to fit in. 5 lbs box in 48 hours. Good luck on your builds and most of all – enjoy them!

Tanabe Front Strut Brace for 350Z

13 Jul

If you’re looking for a cost effective, and stylish front strut brace for your 2003-2006 350Z, this Tanabe one is a great choice.

Made of T6061 Aluminum, comes in Tanabe’s signature red finish with black endplates. What sets this bar apart is the fact that it’s adjustable for preload, just like the factory brace is. I’m not aware of any other brace on the market with this feature.

Priced at just $157 shipped in the 48 states! To order, give us a shout

Hanging Out

13 Jul

M Sports Japan amazing GC8 Drift Machine!

This aero kit is available for purchase by the way, if interested, let us know!

Trackday Setup Accessories

13 Jul


Having the right tools, on hand, can make or break your day at the track. You've spent tons of money, and time, on parts, entrance fees, tires, hotel, transportation. Make sure you've got the right parts on hand to setup, and adjust your car the way you want it!

We are now offering a variety of setup tools to help you. From pyrometers and tire gauges, to camber and bump steer gauges, we can supply any of your track day prep needs.

When our new site rolls out, we will have a dedicated section for car setup and prep. In the meantime, feel free to browse our site here for tire related tools and accessories:

and here for chassis related tools and accessories:

If there is something you want, that you don't see – just ask!

Eats Asphalt

12 Jul

So you’ve got yourself a new M3 One of the most appealing sports coupes on the market today. It looks good, it sounds good, and owner stigma aside, it’s a pretty sweet daily driver or weekend toy. But it’s just not special enough. You go to a meet and you’re another M in the crowd. You need to zig where others zag. You need Manhart.

On the outside it’s demure. A clean execution of nice wheels and a lowered stance. But a monster lurks inside. A twin turbo V8 that puts down 550hp. Not enough? Try their latest package pumping out 700 hp. Top speed 208 mph. Fully sorted from nose to tail. Amazing car, made even more amazing.





Subaru Clearance Sale

12 Jul

Just some random, miscellaneous stuff we have no need for! First come, first served only and are final sale!

1. Bride old school seat rails – driver and passenger. Part #’s F020SO and F019SO (driver and passenger) for 2002-2007 WRX/STi. Would prefer not to separate – great shape, very lightly used. These fit the first generation Bride seats, and include integrated sliders, so they don’t raise you to the roof like Sparco brackets do. May also fit other aftermarket seats with some customization. Asking $200 shipped in the 48 states, for the pair

2. STi Group N Timing Belt – brand new in the box, $200 shipped to all 50 states

3. Cusco Master Cylinder Braces – got a bunch in stock, brand new, $70.00 shipped in all 50 states

4. Weapon R universal black catch can – ask shown here:

5. Perrin Side Feed Fuel Rail Kit – Black, brand new in the box. Part # PSP-ENG-211BK. $230 shipped

6. ACT Heavy Duty Street Disk – Open box, but never used, or installed. Part # 3000503 for 2004 + STi – $150 shipped

7. Cusco Rear Camber Adjustable Pillow Ball Mounts for 02-07 WRX/STi – brand new in the box, part # 658420A, missing top nuts. Letting em go for $150 shipped for the pair

8. Platinum Silver Metallic Driver side fog light cover for 2004-2005 STi. $25.00 Shipped, never used, but has minor scratch on the bottom edge due to improper packaging from Subaru

9. Nardi Leather Universal Prestige Leather Shift Knob – $50 shipped

10. Hawk part # HB424F.665 – HPS front pads for Subaru Impreza (1.8L/2.2L) 1997, Impreza Outback (2.2L) 97-01, Impreza 2.5RS 98-01, Legacy L (2.2L) 97-98 w/14″ Wheel, Legacy LSi (2.5L) 1997 w/14″ Wheel, Legacy Outback (2.5L) 97-98 w/14″ Wheel, Legacy Postal (2.2L) 97-98 w/14″ Wheel, Legacy (2.2L/2.5L) 1999, Legacy (2.5L) 00-01 w/Rear Drum. Outback (2.5L/3.0L) 2001. Open Box, never used- $50 shipped to all 50 states

11. Hawk part # HB424F.665 – HPS front pads for 2003-2005 WRX, 2005-06 Saab 9-2X, 04-08 Subaru Forester 2004-2007 Impreza – $55 shipped in the 50 states. Open Box, never used

12. Hawk part # HB434F.543 – HPS rear pads for 2003+ Impreza WRX (D1004 type)
2000-04 Legacy, 2002-2004 Outback. New in box, never used – $35 shipped in the 50 states

13. Top Secret Japan Rapfix II quick release – extremely rare – as seen on: [url][/url]

letting it go for $425 shipped in all 50 states (usually $540!)

14. Tein non adjustable rear pillowball mount for GC8 Impreza/Legacy (may fot other cars too, not sure). Don’t have the boxes, I got these for one of my cars a million years ago, never used them, they have just sat in a display case. $50 shipped in all 50 states for the pair

15. Cusco Hyper Gum Shifter Bushings for 5 speed WRX/2.5RS part #660940A – $20 shipped in all 50 states (includes 2 bushings for lever). Brand new

16. C West carbon fiber MAF cover for 2002+ STi part # 1005. $50 shipped in all 50 states, brand new

17. Samco part # TCS292 – Black – 3 piece intercooler hose kit, brand new, for 04 + STi. $85 shipped in all 50 states

18. GT Spec up-pipe (non external type), ceramic coated. Brand new, never used – does not include gaskets/hardware – $50 shipped in all 50 states

19. very lightly used aluminum lightweight flywheel for 98-2001 2.5 RS/Legacy GT (2.5 liter NA engine) – $175 shipped. Has very low mileage!

20. Carbing Okuyama Rear Strut Brace 2002-2007 WRX/STi sedan. This is the rear strut brace that is visible through the rear glass! Very, very rare. Steel version,finished in durable white powdercoat. $100 shipped in all 50 states (has been a display item never used)

21. AEM universal UEGO (wideband 02) controller – brand new, never used, does not include sensor. Part # 30-2301 – $75 shipped in all 50 states

22. KYB GR2 part # 334-300 – for 02 + WRX wagon. never used. Missing upper nut, $30 shipped in all 50 states

23. Bride Black Cushion Set for Gias/Stradia – all black, brand new, never used. These usually sell for $280per side, letting them go for $250 SHIPPED for both sides!

24. Bride Office Chair Caster/Mount Set. Turn your Bride seat into an office chair! Part # P25NP0 – usually sells for $225, letting it go for $100 shipped in the 48 states!

All sales final, just clearing out some misc. stuff as mentioned. To order, just give us a call at 631.863.3820

thank you

Tein Basis Coilovers

11 Jul

Tein has made a Japanese coilover for the economically minded consumer. The Street BASIS damper is the evolution of the popular BASIC coilover. Developed to provide a sporty and aggressive stance. The shortened shell case design provides optimum damper stroke at lower than standard vehicle ride height. Vehicle ride height is adjustable via the ZT coated threaded sleeve. Updated internal components and external coatings increase durability and product life. Street Basis dampers are great for daily driving and spirited driving for all types of drivers. Made in Japan under strict quality control standards and developed by highly trained suspension engineers.

Additional Features
• Steel Construction
• Twin Tube internal construction
• Larger piston diameter for strut type front and rear (22mm)
• Ride Height adjustable via spring seat
• Powder coated damper body
• Non-welded ZT coated Adjustment Tube
• Full-Length Dust Boots
• 1-piece Aluminum Spring Seat with Delrin Thrust Washer
• Available for Overhaul
• 1-year Manufacturers Defect Warranty

Applications Acura TL, Lexus IS300, Subaru Impreza/WRX, Nissan 350Z, Honda Prelude, Honda Fit, Acura TSX, Scion Xb

GReddy Carbon Hood Dampers

11 Jul

Brand new from GReddy are these carbon fiber hood dampers. Perfect for keeping your stock or aftermarket hood propped open without using the unsightly factory hood prop. Each kit comes with all bolt on brackets and hardware. Installation is an easy affair that can be done with normal hand tools in your driveway.

Current applications include: Nissan GTR, Mitsubishi Evo X, Honda S2000, Subaru WRX/STi, Nissan 240SX (S14). More applications coming soon!

Not for Public Consumption

10 Jul

They made a few for press ops, and some European car shows, but never made it to production


Dorifto + BMW = Smiles

10 Jul

Evo 8/9 CT9A Clearance Items

10 Jul

Tomei Oil Thermostat Killer (fits Evo 7-9)
One of the seldom-weak points of 4G63 is rising of oil temperature. It is seen more often in circuit driving. Evo uses thermo switch that will work when the temperature gets around 85 degrees C. Yet when the oil temp is low, it will restrict oil flow to the oil cooler and raise the temperature of oil consequently. TOMEI oil thermo killer lets oil to flow into the oil cooler constantly regardless of its temperature. Still, it is easy to put it back to stock thermo switch in winter to prevent over cool. Regularly $95 shipped, blowing em out at $65 shipped

The AMS lower intecooler pipe is for intercoolers with stock style outlets on the intercooler (Turbo XS, AMS, ARC, etc.), and is fully mandrel bent, in stainless steel and comes with all required hardware.
Regularly $240, letting it go for $189 shipped

AEM Black Adjustable Cam Gear Set Evo 7-9

As shown, but in all black.

AEM Tru-Time Adjustable Cam Gears are used by top racing teams across the country and are a must for engines that are milled, forced induction, high compression and/or utilizing aftermarket competition cams. Our gears enable users to match cam timing with their vehicle’s tuning state by advancing or retarding the cam profile in one-degree increments via true laser-etched markings. Precision-cut gear teeth ensure no premature wearing of the belt surface and AEM’s anodizing on the gear teeth is lab-test-proven to be the hardest anodizing process on the market.
1.Increase horsepower and torque without any cam changes, and are ideal for heavily modified engines
2.CNC-machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum
3.True laser-etched markings on the leading edge of the gear allow for quick, accurate adjustments
4.Hard anodizing on belt surface is the most durable anodizing on the market
5.Grade-8, six-point hex bolts stand up to repeated adjustments and feature integral washer flange for greater load distribution
6.Comprehensive installation instructions, recommended cam gear settings and decals included
7.Manufactured and assembled in the USA

We offer them individually or in pairs. The Evo 5-8 requires 2, Evo IXs can only use 1. Price for 1 = $135.00 shipped (regularly $178 shipped); price for 2 is $240.00 shipped (regularly $345 shipped)

Greddy Headgasket – 86mm bore, 1mm thick. The perfect addition for those looking to build a motor! Regularly $320, letting it go for $185 shipped

All sales on the above final, as they are clearance priced. Cash/credit card (sorry, no Paypal)


ALMS @ Limerock

9 Jul

Weather was absolutely perfect. The way these guys run an event should be emulated throughout motorsports. One price for all, gets you all the races for the day, all access to the pits, etc.