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16 Jul

None of us here have a Porsche, but they have had such an impact on the world of sports cars, we can’t help by write about them. The 911 is one of the iconic sports cars of the modern era. There have been so many versions, one offs, projects, concepts, it is dizzying. One such model is the 2.7RS – the original bad boy that has eventually spawned such versions as the Carrera CS, and the modern day GT3 and GT3RS.

Porsche first debuted the model at the 1972 Paris International Auto Show. It was one of those times where Porsche had to build a certain number of production versions in order to enable the race version to participate in Group 4 competition. Such homologation specials are fairly commonplace for Porsche.

Everything about the RS was a 911 on a diet. Everything was thinner. The sheetmetal, the glass, even the carpet. These cars generated about 210 hp in standard form, and were offered in a few different trims for street use, club use, and full out race use. They were, of course, a limited run, and when they change hands now, they go for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Many people now choose to do replica versions, where they take a clean shell, and do a version in the spirit of the original.