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Bilstein Coilovers 350Z/G35

18 Jul

The new PSS10 is a step up from where the PSS9 left off. Adding an extra level of dampening adjustment (now 10 total clicks of adjustment front and rear), these units have monotube dampers, fully galvanized housings, and feature spring rates of 370 lbs front, and a progressive rear rate of 240-420 lbs rear.

The biggest change to the PSS10 vs the 9 is the adjustment knob – the new knob is much easier to use, with larger numbers. Since the size increased, it’s now easier to feel the adjustment clicks as well. They also added an additional level of adjustment. Total span of adjustment between full stiff and full soft is approximately 30%. These are the ideal coilover for someone who wants the ability to adjust height and dampening, but who also demands a quiet, solid, european inspired ride (firm, but well controlled, without being rigid and unforgiving).

Priced this week only at $1729 SHIPPED in the 48 states!

To order, just give us a call at 631-863-3820