Billet/Urethane Transmission Mount Version 2.0

3 Aug

About a year and a half ago we began offering our own billet transmission mount for the 350Z/G35. It was a good success but availability was a constant issue, so we chose to discontinue it. Well, we’re happy to announce we now can offer a new version of the mount, as produced by Torque Solutions. We’ll be listing their full product range on our site shortly, but figured we would start here.

This mount is a MUST HAVE for any 2003-2008 350Z. A Z is not a cheap car to mod, and truly worthwhile mods are hard to come by. For $109.00, and an easy DIY install that takes less than an hour, this is a no brainer. This mount will instantly improve shifter feel, get rid of all the sloppiness in your lever, and give a much more positive action when going through the gears.

For the time being, it’s being offered in 90A durometer only, which is very stiff, and will cause some NVH. We’re seeing if we can bring back our popular 60A and 75A versions, and will update this post if we’re successful.

In the meantime, to order just drop us a line at


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