Hail to the Speed…

18 Aug

Long Island, NY…home to super-celebs like Billy Joel, Howard Stern and Alec Baldwin. We’re famous for our laughable accents, our over-priced real estate and our moderate weather. However, my 2011 Liquid Silver Mazdaspeed 3 would argue with the latter.

“Speedy” is rambunctious and always itching for a fight. Unfortunately, it couldn’t outrun the recent hailstorm that hit Nassau county earlier this month.

The storm generated golf-ball sized hail that has many local auto body shops booked solid until late October.

With only around 5500 miles on the odometer, we made haste before shops became overwhelmed with work. The morning after the storm, Speedy was in good hands ready to be mended.

Pics of the damage below.  So what do we do to make ourselves feel better?  Buy mods of course!  Stay tuned as we have a new round of mods ready to go!

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