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When OCD is an Attribute

20 Aug

We’ve blogged about this car before but it’s worthy of showing it in the element. The attention to detail is something many of us strive for when building our cars but few rarely achieve.

Watch the video and tell me that’s not one of the most sublime engine notes you’ve ever heard? Gives a Ferrari V12 (IMHO the sweetest note to not come from a musical instrument) a serious reason to turn around


Meanwhile on the East End

20 Aug

The weather was beautiful today so I took the Z out to stretch her legs. She’s been sitting inside for 4 weeks now and she wanted to play. Looks like I wasn’t the only one! Some of the scenery:







I also saw a very cool pearl white 599 but didn’t get a chance to snap a picture. Saw a bunch of Elise’s, a bunch of 911’s of all types. From the looks of it, the town gives away black Range Rover Sports and grey S classes because they are like bellybuttons out there!

Anatomy of a Race Car

20 Aug

An interesting article from 1980 about the Electramotive 280ZX Turbo. Click each picture for expanded view.

Pebble Beach 2011 – The Quail

20 Aug

Every year in August, the who’s who and what’s what in the collector car scene converge in Pebble Beach, CA. The mission for man and machine is simple – to see and be seen. I’ve never been lucky enough to go, but hope to one of these years. In the meantime, here is further reminder that even though the world economy is still in a tailspin, the upper class still know how to show off in all the right ways. It’s amazing to me how 40-50 years on, some of the cars look so beautiful. Timeless design never goes out of style. Makes me wonder 2 things. First, what must it have been like for a young gearhead in their teens to see their first 250GT, or 911, or SL? And second, what cars of today will retain that iconic class 50-60 years from now? Modern classics are harder to define in many ways, as they are built in far greater numbers than some of the cars shown here.