OG Type R

21 Aug

I’ve only seen 1 of these bad boys in person…and it was in poor shape at best. They built 1009 of them to homologize the spoiler for use in racing around the world. Other than that, it was a standard 280ZX tarted up with some stickers. The damn thing came with hubcaps (the one shown here has the wrong wheels on it). Following in the tradition of Porsche, the spoiler was made of that funky mid to late 70’s rubber stuff. Porsche must have had ownership rights in the factory or something because they used it on everything. Had sort of a half Nerf, half dense foam feel to it. But it made 380 lbs of downforce – not too shabby.


One Response to “OG Type R”

  1. bentatleBent A. Randa November 24, 2011 at 5:50 AM #

    Yes you are right its the wrong wheels, but i do have the original rims, hub-capts & tires the car is sold with. They are not in shape to be driven since they are hard as rock now. The car is # 6 of 1009 produced. The car is all orginal whit all documentation from first owner even the pre order from the seller.

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