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We’re Back!

31 Aug

The Speed3 is back from the bodyshop and the hail damage is repaired. In the end, paintless-dent-removal (PDR) was utilized for the fenders, doors and hatch. However, there were too many dings and dents on the hood and roof so those panels were replaced with Mazda OEM parts. Richmond Auto Body did a very nice job…the color-match and paint blending look great. Also, the common body-shop blunders cannot be found here (overspray, sanding marks etc…). The work is guaranteed, so I’ll keep a sharp eye in case I notice anything in the future but so far so good!

I’ll resist the urge to seal the fresh paint for 30 days (to allow for proper outgassing). However, that doesn’t mean we can’t continue the weekly washing routine.

Thankfully, my new Gilmour Foam Gun makes washing a snap. The gun allows you to adjust the ratio of soap/water in the foam to suit light or heavy soil.  This thing rocks!

So we’re looking factory-fresh again.  We’re now in the process of tuning our latest round of mods. I’ll report back once the final Map is dialed in…