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MS3 – Now with More Stance

6 Sep

We showed this car a couple months back, now it makes a return appearance lowered and looking sinister – very STi-like.



Oooooohhh…..Ahhhhhhhh (Rare Rollers Inside)

6 Sep

Brand new from SSR Japan – the Professor SP1 in Spectrum finish! Contact us at for a set!

For the 350Z, available in 18×9.5 +25, 18×10.5 +18, or 19×9.5 +25, 19×10.5 +15

Also available in SP3 version as well!

Across the Globe, but Right Next Door

6 Sep

Just got some pictures from a recent 350Z meet from a good friend and customer in Brunei. Always interesting to see that no matter where in the world you live, car guys are car guys. The faces change, but the enjoyment stays the same.