Forgestar Wheels

20 Sep

If you’ve been looking for a true quality wheel, that is both lightweight, strong, clears a big brake kit, and gives you the aggressive look everyone these days is after, we’re happy to introduce you to Forgestar.

Forgestar wheels are flow formed, a casting process similar to what SSR and Enkei employs.  This process allows production of intricate spoke and barrel designs, while maintaining very consistent molecular arrangement through the wheel (high strength), without the typical casting flaws found in cheap, low end wheels. 

What also sets these apart is they are specifically engineered to work with both factory and aftermarket big brake kits from Brembo, Stoptech, Endless, AP Racing and more!

And lastly, we know that everyone wants something unique,  That’s the whole point of modifying your car in the first place.  We’re able to bring you a wide range of personalized options, ranging from a variety of colors, textured finishes, accent stripes and more! 

To order your set, contact us at or (631)863-3820.  Thank you!


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