More New Wheels – TSW Nurburgring and Interlagos

22 Sep

TSW is one of the oldeest aftermarket wheel manufacturers out there. They are known for bringing excellent value to the table with unique designs and wheels that can withstand just about any road conditions.

Their newest offerings are the Nurburgring (mesh) and Interlagos (9 spoke). Both feature the new Rotary Forging construction. Rotary forging is a manufacturing process by which the outer rim is ultra high pressure forged, while the wheel itself is spun at very high speeds. This creates an internal molecular structure that is better organized vs traditional casting techniques. This leads to less open space between the molecules, meaning a denser, stronger wheel with less poracity.

Pricing is excellent for wheels of this quality, and through a special arrangement, we are able to give you guys awesome pricing with Kumho’s venerable V12 Ventus tire. Shown here for the 350Z and 370Z, but we can package these for just about anything!

Give us a shout at (631)863-3820 or

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