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Unicorn (Spoiler)

5 Nov

While preparing our move over the summer, we came across this lone Data Systems spoiler for the 350Z. This is a very rare piece, that really compliments the lines of the Z. Nowadays, it’s very difficult to get a hold of and very expensive due to the crappy exchange rate.

It’s never been installed, but was damaged during transit from Japan. The damage can be seen below – it’s right on the seam, on the front edge of the spoiler (facing the hatch glass) and will be a very easy fix with some 2 part epoxy and a bit of fiberglass. Maybe an hours worth of work to fix including sanding

Asking $350 shipped OBO


Hustle and Flow for your Subaru

5 Nov

Invidia’s new Q300 for the 2011 + WRX and STi is here, and is a great option for those who love the quad tips, but also don’t feel like getting a divorce just yet because their wife can’t stand the noise.

These tuned exhaust systems feature uniquely shaped resonators and baffles to maximize flow, and minimize drone and overall noise. The net result is a system that sounds great, flows great, and leaves nothing on the table. It’s offered with your choice of quad burnt edge titanium tips, or quad stainless tips

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For a limited time, when you purchase the Turbo Back Combo (with your choice of downpipe), we’ll give you a FREE Downpipe Gasket (can’t have leaks on a new car!) and a FREE set of Urethane Exhaust Hangers (set of 4)