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Help for your Lowered Car!

10 Nov

We all know how hard it is working on your lowered Z or G at home with conventional floor jacks. Even if you have a low profile aluminum one, it can be a pain to get the car in the air even for routine maintenance such as fluid changes. The rear becomes especially difficult with the low stance of the pumpkin.

These Race Ramps come in a few different configurations, and allow you to easily get the car in the air for the proper clearance.

While we offer the full Race Ramp product line, the following is a selection of what I think you’ll find most useful:

Trak Jax a low profile ramp that allows for 4.5 inch of total lift, with integrated stop (so your car won’t roll off the ramps when you’re maneuvering it). Priced at $115 shipped for 1 pair in the 48 states

Sport Ramp Kit
Race Ramps Sport Ramps are designed for smaller sports car owners that don’t necessarily have exceptionally wide tires or low front ends, but who still want all of the other great Race Ramp features. They are ideal for most small sport and sport compact cars, accommodating tires up to 8 inches wide and raising the car up 7 inches high total. Sport Ramps are capable of safely holding up to 3,000 pounds per set while weighing only 8 pounds per ramp. Kit includes a set of 2 ramps. Allows for 7 inches of total lift

Priced at $160 shipped per pair in the 48 states

Roll Up Kit
Race Ramps Roll-Ups are designed to be used in with 56 inch or 67 inch Race Ramps or 40 inch Sport Ramps. Roll-Ups raise the opposite end of the your car up 4 inches when using Race or Street Ramps, enabling you to complete more difficult tasks and installations such as swapping out an exhaust system. Roll-Ups will also raise the front or rear a lowered vehicle to allow the use of a standard floor jack. Roll-Ups can be used for tires up to 12 inches wide and weigh only 4.5 pounds each. Kit includes a set of 2 Roll-Ups.

Priced at $165 shipped per pair in the 48 states

Any questions, let us know!