Used Car Find – A Silver Bullet

15 Dec

I have wanted a 300ZX Twin Turbo since it was first released. I was 11 years old and already a Z-car fan as it’s history is legendary.   While I still coveted the 70’s and 80’s Z’s, the 1990  Twin Turbo sold me at first glance.  It was so modern, and packed with so much technology…Nissan had obviously been looking towards the future rather than focusing on the strong Z-heritage.

The 1990 300ZX Twin Turbo  started a revolution.  The new design made previous iterations look ancient and it’s twin turbochargers and super HICAS four-wheel steering were new technologies.  In my opinion, this was also the car that brewed a kind of war between Japanese car companies.  The Z32 Twin Turbo set the bar that Mazda, Toyota and Mitsubishi were forced to compete with in their own versions of Twin-Turbo supercars.

Today, the Z32 is still beautiful.  I’ve always loved the fighter-cockpit feel of the switches surrounding the guage cluster…and that weird gray carpet around the dash.

This particular 1990 has only covered 28K miles in the last 21 years and unlike many Z32’s these days, it’s unmolested.  This is 100% original Nissan.  OK, so it’s an automatic…but so what.  This would make a great car to cruise around in, T-Tops and all.

Good luck to North Jersey Auto Mall – I hope this Z finds a good owner.  If it’s one of our readers then I demand a ride!

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