Whiteline Rear Differential Bushings for 350Z/G35

12 Jan

Whiteline Rear Subframe Bushings 350Z/G35

Whiteline continues to expand their range for these cars with the introduction of the new rear differential bushing kit for the 350Z/G35.

These are the ideal solution for someone who knows the sloppiness that the factory rubber bushings exhibit, or who have had the unfortunate experience of having their rear subframe bushing burst on them. Tell tales signs of this are a black line of ‘goo’ down the rear subframe by the differential.

The urethane kit is significantly more rigid vs. stock, but not as uncompromising as the solid aluminum versions we also offer. Ideal for the performance oriented street car or those who do track days. Offered only as a complete set with all the bushings to mount the rear differential to the subframe

Click the picture for full details and to order or contact us at z1sales@z1auto.com


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