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Price Changes on the Horizon

10 Jan

Just got this in our inbox. Certain Tanabe products and SSR wheels are going up in price due to the weak dollar. If you’ve been considering any of the affected now is the time. Any orders placed by 1/27 will get the current pricing even if the product itself is a special order

“We hope everyone had a great New Year. Due to the weakened US dollar, we unfortunately have to start the New Year with a price increase. It has been a huge challenge to continue manufacturing products in Japan.

Retail Price Increase will be effective February 1, 2012.

Pricing of the following Tanabe Products will be increased;
​-Exhaust Products​
​​-Coil Springs
​​-Chassis Products
​-SSR wheels: GT Series, Professor Series, Traditional Series, and Vienna Series

Pricing of the following products will NOT be affected:
​​-Coilovers (Sustec Z40, Sustec S0-C, Sustec Pro Five, and TEAS)
​-SSR Wheels: Type C and Type F Series wheels

Contact us at for any Tanabe or SSR Wheels

Clone Wars

9 Jan

Browsing around the net over the weekend, I was amazed at the number of people who have chosen to invest in their existing used car vs buying something brand new, and even more amazed at some of the values out there. In the Porsche world, clone cars have been all the rage for quite some time. If you’re an avid reader of the blog, you know that we routinely post rate versions of great Porsche’s. There are so many factory gems Porsche has done over the years it’s sometimes hard to remember them all. But since the platforms all start out as whatever the current iteration of the 911 was at the time, it can represent a great chance for an enthusiast to build their own vs trying to seek out an elusive, original version. There are some awesome second hand cars for sale out there, especially for performance and luxury enthusiasts. Now is a great time to take advantage the depreciation that has hit the market and score a bargain.

One that caught my eye was this 993 RS clone. It appears to have been done to a higher standard, using lots of factory original Porsche parts. Since the work has been done and the car already depreciated, it could be a good value for someone who wants to buy a completed project, vs embarking on their own.

Free Shipping on all Hotchkis for January

9 Jan

For the entire rest of the month, ALL Hotchkis springs, swaybars and Total Vehicle kits get free shipping!!! In stock or special orders both qualify. To order, give us a call at (631)863-3820


Braid Competition Wheels – When Good Enough isn’t Good Enough

4 Jan

For 2012 we are now offering the full range of Braid Competition wheels. Many of you familiar with the rally scene have probably heard of Braid. For those that haven’t, here is a brief introduction.

Braid was formed in Spain in 1978, with the sole purpose of making competition level wheels primarily for rally use. Their wheels have been used by amateurs and professionals alike. Because all the design, R&D and production is done in house, they have an amazing level of customization available. Wheels can be produced in a very wide range of offsets, bolt patterns, and colors, something you are hard pressed to find almost at any price point. Because they are designed primarily for competition use, this is a firm that embraces the ‘small stuff’, such as 15 and 16 inch sizes. Sure, they offer larger wheels, for touring car, etc. but the roots are in rally racing, and that remains their bread and butter. Since it’s original introduction, the factory has expanded numerous times and today produces wheels ranging from gravel and tarmac spec cast wheels, to mulipiece, even forged and magnesium wheels.

To reiterate, these are not some fly-by-night knock off brand churning wheels out of some random factory in the middle of the pacific rim. These are legit motorsport level wheels. The same wheels the various teams through Europe use on their car, are the exact same wheels you can purchase for your car. These aren’t wheels that will fall apart in a few years, or lose a tremendous amount of value, or fall ‘out of style’. Good stuff never does!

Now, onto the good stuff! While we have access to the full range, and custom orders are easily accomplished, the following represents wheels that are available straight away

Click the picture of each for additional information and specs

Winrace T Acropolis: This is a heavy duty, pure strength oriented gravel spec wheel. Offered in 15×6.5, +45 (21.2 lbs), hubcentric, dual drilled so it fits both 5-100 and 5-114 cars, and finished in your choice of white or gold. Also available in 15×7 (22.2lbs) in gold. Both clear Subaru 4 pots

15×6.5 – $980 shipped in the 48 states per set
15×7 – $1020 shipped in the 48 states per set

Winrace TA: This is a lighter weight version of the Acropolis, making it suitable for tarmac or gravel use.

Currently in stock in 15×6.5 (18 lbs), white, +45 offset, dual drilled 5-114 and 5-100, clears factory 4 pot calipers. Priced at $960 shipped for the set in the 48 states

Winrace A: One of the most popular choices, this wheel can often be found on tarmac stages throughout Europe.

Currently in stock:

17×8 +45 (20.7 lbs) in white, dual drilled for 5-100 and 5-114 cars (clears Brembo and 4 pots). $1280 shipped in the 48 states

18×8 +49 (21.6 lbs) in gold in your choice of 5-100 or 5-114.3. Clears Brembo and 4 pots. $1376 shipped for the set in the 48 states.

Also have a limited 17×7, 5-100 +45 Winrace A in Black on special as well. Contact us for details

We will be adding the full range to our site in the coming days, so check often. Any specific questions you have, just ask.

Remember, while the above represents wheels that are good to go now, if you can dream it, it probably can be built! If you’ve got an event coming up that you NEED a set of wheels for, and waiting isn’t an option, we can generally have a custom set, made just for you, on your doorstep in just a few weeks time. If your car has specific needs, such as unique suspension or brake requirements, or even just a custom color, we’ll work with you to develop the right size, so it fits correctly, the first time

Thanks and Happy 2012!

One More New Set of Rollers for the New Year

3 Jan

Another new wheel that will hit the streets soon. This time from SSR, the MS3 and MS3R. Available in sizes ranging from 16-20 inch and widths up to 13 inches!!!

Standard Colors: Silver, Titan Silver, Flat Black
Optional Colors: White, Black, Gray Silver, Gun Metallic, Flat Gun Metallic, Touring
Gold, Bronze, and Flat Bronze.
Special Colors: Super Black Coat and Spectrum Silver

All orders placed by 1/31 will get an extra 5% off as well

Another New Wheel for 2012

3 Jan

Hot off the presses comes this new concave wheel from Vertini, called the Monaco

Massive concavity, split 5 star design. Specs and prices coming soon, due first quarter of 2012, this is a brand new design

Latest Styles from Work Wheels

3 Jan

Work Wheels Japan has been hard at, well, work, on new styles and manufacturing processes as of late. Here are their latest offerings

For full details on each, just click the picture

New Gram Light Wheels for 2012

2 Jan

Contact us for details at

Amsoil Now Available

2 Jan

For 2012 we are now offering the rull range of Amsoil products. Among the finest synthetic engine, transmission, and differential oils on the market today!

We will be steadily adding these to our site in the next several days (engine oils are already listed). These come in different formulations and viscosity ratings depending on your needs, and can be purchased in sizes ranging from single quarts to 275 gallon installments. All shipped directly to your door