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27 Feb

Saw this posted on a forum recently; never understood this logic.

“Money isn’t really my worries(with parts at least), It’s keeping the car good on gas like it is right now. Reason why I really don’t want a turbo is because of premium gas. It’s 4.50 for 9/10 a gallon where I live… It’s ridiculous”

Transmission Member Bushing Install Guide for Subaru

27 Feb

A few weeks ago, we posted about the new urethane Transmission Member Bushings for Subaru’s. Thanks to one of our customers in the NorthEast, we now have a detailed writeup for a DIY install, as well as confirmation that these bushings fit a non turbo 2.5RS.

To order a set of the bushings for your car, contact us at

Click here for the install guide: TransMemberbushing