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Wonder What This Guys Daily Commute Is

18 Mar

Courtesy of @PorscheHeritage


RWB Means….

18 Mar

Could easily stand for Real Wide Biotch


An S13 That isn’t A Ratrap

18 Mar

S13’s were always neat cars – nice looking, good chassis that was nicely balanced, tons of parts. But it’s an old car so most times they are worse for wear. Saw this one today that bucks the trend. No idea what engine powers it now, but it had nice body work, the full OE JDM treatment and color matched Blitz wheels.



Like Fine Wine

18 Mar

Spotted this on the expressway today. Was a later model with the targa roof and the fixed position headlights. Love the color too.



Hey Good Looking

18 Mar

While the design is turning 30 this year, there is no denying its still a great looking car