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Good way to kill an hour

14 Apr

Bored at work? Wife dragged you shopping? Bored at your kids little league game? Then you’ll want to watch this


14 Apr

Courtesy of HRE Wheels



An Evo (not the one you think)

14 Apr

In the auto world, everything starts with a name. The name a model receives can change depending on where it being sold, and it sets the tone for the public’s expectations. Perception is reality in this world.

Even the suffix means something. It’s an identifier. A ZR1 is, and always will be, a special Corvette. Type R’s are synonymous with some form or another of Honda product. Say the word Evo and most think of the daddy of the the Lancer range from Mitsubishi. But before there was that Evo, there was this one.

The M3 Evo was a special version of an already special car. Never offered for sale in the US, it was a limited edition, factory tweaked version of the E30 M3. And among those special models, one reigned supreme – the M3 Evo III. It came in 2 flavors, red or black. It was made for 4 months only, total production numbering just 600. It had the S14 engine, enlarged to 2.5 liters. More aggressive front and rear spoilers and different ring and pinion were among the other notable changes.

An amazing version of an already amazing car.