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Storm Trooper

18 Apr

How many times have people claimed to own/build/sell Darth Vaders car. People love to toss that tag line on any type of vehicle that’s all black. Personally I think Darth would drive something like a ’62 ( is that correct?) Lincoln Continental. You know the one with the suicide doors.

But what about the rest of the Star Wars crew? The Ford RS200 is as rare, and cool a car as anyone has ever made. This is what a Storm Trooper would get after lots of overtime, or, I could also see Boba Fet behind the wheel too (he’s a mercenary, those guys gotta make $).




PS: 600 go, ~2300 lbs. Class (and nearly everything else with 4 tires) dismissed

Ur Rare

18 Apr

Always loved these cars. While the Sport (short wheel base) versions are the truly special models, the standard coupes still look good today. Anyone ever own one?





18 Apr

Certainly don’t see these everyday. I kinda like the angular shape